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Geopolitics is the concept that allows the understanding of the current world and the analysis of international relations. It also encompasses the study of political strategies and the study of natural and social changes related to globalization. This field, which is entirely focused on the world, is proving to be exciting and stimulating, attracting more and more people who aspire to a career in it. The question is: What job should you do if you like geopolitics? Here are the perspectives and opportunities available to you in this sector.

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What job can you consider if you like geopolitics?

Geopolitics can be defined as the analysis of the effects of geography on international relations and international politics. More concretely, it is a study methodology focusing on foreign policy in order to understand, explain and predict international political behavior through numerous geographic variables. It is possible to access a wide range of employment opportunities in a variety of fields related to this sector. Thus, you can expect to become :

  • diplomat;
  • geopolitician ;
  • international strategy analyst ;
  • business analyst or Business Analyst ;
  • geopolitical analyst ;
  • risk management project manager ;
  • compliance officer ;
  • press officer or press relations officer ;
  • parliamentary collaborator.

What job should you do if you like international relations?

International relations refer to the multifaceted relationships that can be maintained between individuals, public institutions of states and distinct private organizations. They also constitute a sub-specialization linked to the field of political science, which opens up many opportunities, namely

  • European Policy Analyst ;
  • business intelligence analyst ;
  • international strategy analyst ;
  • international relations manager ;
  • strategic advisor ;
  • journalist ;
  • geopolitical analyst ;
  • humanitarian manager ;
  • humanitarian mission leader ;
  • international communication manager ;
  • International Cooperation Officer ;
  • in charge of consular affairs ;
  • embassy counselor;
  • diplomat;
  • political advisor;
  • geographic manager ;
  • counselor in educational or care institutions ;
  • history teacher in international sections;
  • international development consultant ;
  • responsible for economic and strategic intelligence.

In which professional sector can you work if you like geopolitics?

People interested in geopolitics have the opportunity to work in the profession of their choice in different sectors. Among those recruiting, you can distinguish :

  • NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations);
  • French and foreign governmental organizations;
  • the European civil service ;
  • local and territorial authorities;
  • education and research;
  • the media (especially the press and audiovisual media);
  • consulting firms;
  • departments.

How to train for a job in international relations when you love geopolitics?

International relations are intimately linked to geopolitics. You can train for a job related to this sector by studying geopolitics and international relations at a specialized school. For example, the courses offered by the HEIP school (Hautes Études Internationales et Politiques) allow you to acquire the basics and various skills needed in geopolitical and political sciences.

Is it necessary to have a baccalaureate +5 to find a job in geopolitics?

In order to enter one of the geopolitical professions, a 5-year degree is highly recommended. Indeed, a bachelor’s degree will often be insufficient to hold a position in this field. However, you may consider continuing your studies beyond this level depending on your future professional or personal aspirations.

Which course to choose at HEIP if you like geopolitics?

Within HEIP, various courses allow students to learn the fundamentals of geopolitics. In particular, you can enroll in a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations & Political Science. This is a classical 3-year program that provides you with a solid foundation of knowledge in international relations and political science. It will be very useful before you specialize in a Master’s degree.

You can also consider the Diplomation & International Relations program, an MSc (Master Of Science) program accessible with a Bac+3. To deepen your mastery of geopolitics, this M1 allows you to learn in French different course themes (Public International Law, French foreign policy and the history of international relations for example). However, you can opt for an M1 International Relations & Diplomacy. It is the same training, but given in English.

HEIP also offers an M2 in Strategic Studies, Security and Defense Policies. You will need to have a Bac+4 level to access this 1-year training course in alternating rhythm. You will be trained in the major issues of defense and security and will be able, at the end of the training, to access various management positions. This training includes face-to-face courses, seminars, e-learning, group work, tutorials and lectures.

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Updated 12 March 2024