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Do you want to understand the world and plan to work in international relations? Do you dream of having a prestigious, well-paid and important job for your country? Get into geopolitics. But you still need to know how to excel in this area. This article will explain in detail how to access a geopolitical master’s degree.

In summary:

The geopolitical master:

  • Requires at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • Ideally prepared in a school of political science and international relations.
  • Implies a more stringent admission procedure.
  • Requires honesty and integrity.

Gives access to many opportunities.

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How do I get into a master’s degree in geopolitics?

If you want to enter a master’s degree in geopolitics, you must first have a diploma of bac + 3. It can be a licence, a licence pro or a bachelor in a related sector. This is normally international relations and political science, but other related fields may also give you access.

You should then look for a school that teaches it, such as HEIP and carefully choose the branch that interests you the most. Once your choice of school is made, follow the admission procedures and provide the requested files and documents.

Which diplomas must be validated before entering a geopolitical master’s degree?

To access a geopolitical master’s degree, a diploma of Bac + 3 is mandatory to enter a Master’s degree 1. You must first validate 180 ECTS credits. You must then normally validate your bac + 4 to enter a Master 2. It is then necessary to have a total of 240 ECTS credits before entering the Master 2. The Master in Geopolitics is indeed a 2-year program.

Another requirement is that your degree must be related to a specific sector. Preferably, take a degree in international relations and political science. However, other majors such as geography, sociology, economics and management may allow you to enter a geopolitical master’s degree.

How do I apply for a master’s degree in geopolitics?

Since geopolitics graduates are expected to play an important role in the country’s development, admission to a geopolitics master’s degree is relatively tough. Regardless of which institution you plan to attend, the following items are generally required.

  • a certificate of attendance for the current year;
  • transcripts from the last few academic years;
  • possibly the transcript of marks of the baccalaureate;
  • the last diplomas obtained;
  • a curriculum vitae ;
  • a motivation questionnaire;
  • photocopy of the identity card;
  • a recent passport photo;
  • proof of payment of the application fee;
  • Some schools require a letter of recommendation which can be academic and/or professional;
  • if you plan to take a program in English, the results of an English language test are also required.

What qualities should one have to have a chance of being accepted into a geopolitical master’s program?

To access a master’s degree in geopolitics, you must have the following qualities:

  • honesty and integrity are virtues that are essential in this sector;
  • It is also an area that requires a lot of dynamism on your part;
  • Language skills are always required in this industry;
  • you must be interested in international politics and know it well;
  • You must be organized and have excellent analytical skills;
  • Having good interpersonal skills and knowing how to be diplomatic is imperative in geopolitics;
  • You must also have good writing skills.

How to access a geopolitical master’s degree at HEIP?

If you want to enter a geopolitical master’s degree, join HEIP. Our school teaches political science and international relations. To gain access, follow the admission procedures described on the school’s website. First of all, you must have a baccalaureate + 3 years, i.e. a total of 180 ECTS credits to enter Master 1, the master being prepared in 2 years.

Then, try to provide the required documents, most of which correspond to those mentioned above. If you want to attend an English program, also provide the results of an official test of your English level. This is usually a TOEIC, TOEFL, or IELTS test. The application fee is 80 euros and you must provide proof of payment. If you are missing important information, you can always consult the FAQ section of the site.

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Updated 12 March 2024