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Do you like international relations and political science? Are you interested in everything that happens in the world, whether it is from a diplomatic or economic point of view? Do you want your future job to be in these areas? How do I know if geopolitics is for me? This is the subject of our article.

In summary:

Geopolitical Studies:

  • Are reserved for the most motivated and diligent students.
  • Requires honesty and integrity.
  • Are offered in schools of international relations and political science.
  • You need to have good interpersonal skills and master the language of diplomacy.

You open the access to the international domain.

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Why do you want to start studying geopolitics?

Do you dream of being able to intervene in your country’s relations with foreign countries? Are you ready to play an important role in its evolution? Do you want to enter a prestigious profession that pays well enough to offer you a comfortable life? There are many reasons to want to study geopolitics.

Moreover, it is a branch that allows you to master many others. Indeed, by studying geopolitics, you become a specialist in history, geography, economics and also in law.

One more reason to start studying geopolitics is that it requires you to develop your language skills and master English in particular. Nowadays, languages are indeed a must in all fields of activity. These studies will give you a certain versatility throughout your career.

What profile of students is interested in studying geopolitics?

Geopolitical studies are reserved for a certain profile of students.

  • They are of interest to motivated, hard-working students who like to make an effort to study. They often address themselves to the laureates;
  • These are studies made for students who are comfortable with foreign languages;
  • They are also suitable for students with special skills in law and communication, or even diplomacy;
  • Geopolitics studies are mostly made for the most ambitious students. They do allow for excellent career development.

How to prepare for geopolitical studies in high school?

Geopolitics studies are prepared since high school. There are then subjects that you should be particularly interested in during your 3 years of high school. These include history and geography. You can also choose the geopolitics and political science specialty.

Also, it must be important for you to be aware of national and international news. Geopolitics is indeed a field that can be mastered with time, and the sooner the better.

How many years of geopolitical studies are needed to find a job in international relations?

You can usually find a job in international relations easily with at least a Bachelor’s degree. The ideal is of course to have a bachelor’s degree + 5, the position will naturally depend on your level of study. With a bachelor’s degree, you can, for example, become a project manager, analyst or consultant. With a master’s degree, you can be a diplomat or a public affairs director.

Is it possible to do a PhD to continue one’s studies in geopolitics?

If you have high ambitions, it is possible to do a PhD to continue yourstudies in geopolitics . Your goal in this case is to do research in the academic field. But also, by becoming a doctor, you can make a career as an expert in international public or private organizations.

In the best case, you can also try to join the international civil service or pursue a career in diplomacy.

Why choose to do a work-study program in geopolitics?

Many schools of political science and international relations such as HEIP offer students the opportunity to opt for a sandwich course. This alternative is interesting during ageopolitical study course for various reasons. The first is that it allows you to practice while you study the different subjects. In addition to making you operational as soon as you leave the training program, the work-study program can also give you access to a first job. It is indeed a professional training that often facilitates your entry into the world of work. For more information, particularly on the work-study program, consult the FAQ section of the site.

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Updated 12 March 2024