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Which studies to choose if you like geopolitics? You can reorient yourself as early as high school. After the baccalaureate, it is possible to choose a course that prepares you for this specialization. You just have to integrate a school of political science and international relations to specialize in geopolitics.

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What studies should I do if I like geopolitics?

Geopolitics studies international relations and the political strategies implemented by nations. As such, it allows us to understand the political behavior of the contemporary world and the changes that are taking place.

If you like geopolitics, you can get into it by studying political science or law. The best option is to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a school of political science and international relations.

However, you should know that geopolitics is a specialization. In this sense, it will be impossible for you to study it in the first year. After the baccalaureate, you must first learn the methodological and fundamental bases of the disciplines related to geopolitics. These include international relations and international politics. Then, you can specialize in geopolitics once you have acquired the necessary foundations.

What studies should I start with to specialize in geopolitics?

As we have seen previously, you should start by studying political science and international relations before specializing in geopolitics. If you join a school specializing in geopolitics, you can have them as your major in the first year. You can also choose the following studies to understand power issues at the territorial level:

  • public and international law ;
  • histories of international relations ;
  • political economy and social sciences.

During these preliminary studies, you will also acquire a research methodology. At the end of your first year of study, you will have to write your research paper. You will be guided by your supervisor in planning the path of your dissertation.

What studies lead to geopolitics?

In addition to political science, law and international relations, other studies can also lead you to geopolitics. This specialization is open to students who have completed one of the following courses:

  • Geography;
  • sociology;
  • diplomacy;
  • the letters ;
  • foreign languages.

After your first course, you can specialize in geopolitics. A bachelor’s degree can lead you to geopolitics in 3 years of study. The third year allows you to acquire all the knowledge necessary to master international relations. This training is completed by an internship abroad at its end.

You can then continue on to the MSc program, which prepares you for your professional career as a geopolitics specialist, or you can choose to do a sandwich course during your two years of MSc.

Geopolitics in high school

What to study in high school if you like geopolitics? Although the specialization in geopolitics starts late after high school, it is possible to get into it as early as high school. If you are interested in this option, take a speciality course in your first and last year of high school. This is the HGGSP specialization, which focuses on history-geography, geopolitics and political science.

This is the most interesting option if you plan to study geopolitics after high school. Whether you wish to continue your studies in college, in an IEP, or in a school of political science, such as the IEP, this pathway facilitates your admission.

What master studies to do when you like geopolitics?

In addition to solid theoretical studies, integration into professional life is one of the advantages of Master’s studies. This principle is just as true in another specialization as in geopolitics. Here are the possibilities if you are admitted to an MSc program in a school of political science and international relations:

  • MSc Diplomacy and International Relations: to acquire the necessary knowledge on all aspects of foreign relations of States and the European Union;
  • MSc International Business & Sustainable Development: more focused on the analysis of world demography and the economic realities of nations.

These courses are available in 100% English, and specialize from year to year in a particular sector of activity.

What professional sector can you consider if you like geopolitics?

Studying when you like geopolitics opens you to many opportunities. Upon completion of your degree, you can easily become a geopolitical analyst or a specialist in international strategy. You can then work in any area studying the relationship between geography and state politics. Here are the different sectors that can be considered for your development prospects:

  • French governmental organizations;
  • foreign governments ;
  • embassies ;
  • ministries and local or territorial authorities ;
  • European Union ;
  • multilateral financial institutions ;
  • any company working in the international development strategy.

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Updated 12 March 2024