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Careers after HEIP

The career paths of our graduates are living illustrations of the potential and quality of political science and international relations studies at HEIP.

Examples of assignments

In the ministriesConduct studies and analyses, compile files, prepare speeches, manage press relations, write press releases and status updates, monitor relations with other ministerial offices.– Geopolitical analyst
– Communication Manager
– Magistrate
– Advisor in charge of foresight, studies and speeches
– Administrative assistant
– Parliamentary assistant
In large private groupsKnowing how to decipher, comment on and influence political decisions and their impact on economic activity and the national and global development of large groups.– Responsible for institutional affairs
– Public affairs and lobbying expert
– Media consultant
– Analyst in the Security and international development department
– Political analyst
– Event and public relations manager
In consulting firmsAnalyze, evaluate and build responses to public action issues and also, map networks of influence, build or respond to calls for tenders.– Public affairs consultant
– Public policy evaluation consultant
– Project manager
– Development Manager
– Security officer
– Head of educational projects, popular education center
In local authoritiesConduct public projects in support of elected officials, take charge of political and institutional communication, administer services, manage legislative monitoring.– Chief of Staff
– Head of Service
– Technical Adviser
– Legal adviser
– Manager of political and public subsidies
Director of Public Affairs
In embassiesCoordinate development or cultural projects, manage business requests and local partnerships, carry out economic, strategic and political studies.– Responsible for the international development of French companies
– Assistant service manager
– Deputy of the economic and commercial adviser
– Administrative Officer
– Cultural action cooperation assistant
Updated 16 May 2023