What jobs can I do after a master’s degree in geopolitics?

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Are you considering a master’s degree in geopolitics? Would you like to know all the possibilities of this training before committing yourself to this path? So, you want to give yourself the means to better prepare for a job you dream of doing in the future? Discover in this article what jobs to do after a master in geopolitics.

In summary:

After a master in geopolitics:

  • You can access a wide variety of jobs.
  • You can consider working in the civil service.
  • You have the opportunity to work in the international field.

You can choose to work for international organizations or companies.

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What jobs can be envisaged after a master’s degree in geopolitics?

With a master’s degree in geopolitics, you are supposed to have acquired a certain versatility that allows you to practice many different professions. Geopolitics is indeed a field linked with many others, including law, commerce, history, geography and sociology. Normally, you should be able to work in any of these fields.

The most important thing is that you like the job you are doing and that you are working in a field you really enjoy. From analyst to diplomat to teacher-researcher, you have what it takes to excel.

Why choose to do a master’s degree in geopolitics?

Doing a master’s degree in geopolitics can be very advantageous, especially if you are ambitious. Among the most common reasons why students choose this course are the following:

  • many jobs are available after a master in geopolitics;
  • you become versatile and therefore competent in many fields, each one as interesting as the other;
  • You will acquire excellent language skills;
  • you have several opportunities in the international field;
  • you have a great chance to enter a prestigious and well-paid profession;
  • You have excellent prospects for development;
  • You may even decide to do a doctorate afterwards and aim for a teaching-research position.

What are the jobs that recruit after a master in geopolitics?

With a master’s degree in geopolitics, you should normally have a choice of many professions. Among the most popular and sought after are the following:


With a master’s degree in geopolitics, you can become a journalist. It is a job that requires excellent general knowledge. Also, it requires you to be comfortable in communication and often, to be diplomatic. If you are fluent in English and/or other foreign languages, you may even consider becoming an international journalist.


The profession of geopolitical analyst is also an excellent opportunity after a master in geopolitics. It is a position of great responsibility and is therefore well paid. It consists of monitoring a specific geographical area, taking into account its political and economic situation as well as possible risks.


After a master’s degree in geopolitics, you can choose to become a teacher in both secondary and higher education. If you decide to continue your studies by doing a PhD in geopolitics, you can even consider becoming a teacher-researcher.


The profession of diplomat is a typical profession in the field of geopolitics, international relations and political science. With your master’s degree, excellent language skills, and a particular ability to communicate, you have everything you need to become a diplomat.

What are the first jobs for graduates after a master’s degree in geopolitics?

Graduates of a geopolitical master’s degree generally have an easier time accessing jobs as mission managers or geopolitical analysts. They allow you to learn about the sector very quickly and to progress to better positions in the future.

Some schools of political science and international relations such as HEIP also offer work-study programs. They allow you to practice while you study.

Apprenticeship or professionalization contracts then give students access to their first job. For more information, you can go to the FAQ section of the HEIP website.

What qualities are needed to flourish in one’s profession after a master’s degree in geopolitics?

When you have your master’s degree in geopolitics, it is essential to develop certain qualities in order to fully develop in your profession:

  • It is important to have excellent interpersonal skills and to take care of the way you communicate;
  • You must always be detail-oriented and keep up to date with national and international news;
  • always look for ways to develop your language skills;

Remain honest and honest, whether you decide to work in the Public Service or in the international field.

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Updated 12 March 2024