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Do you want to develop an international career and be at the center of major exchanges and relationships around the world? Know that a bachelor’s degree can help you achieve your goal. Zoom in on the course.

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Is it possible to choose a bachelor’s degree in geopolitics?

Are you considering a career in geopolitics to build your professional future? Although there are a few courses dedicated to this field, the majority of bachelor’s degrees offer training in international relations and political science. This type of course is however designed to help you acquire the main basics of geopolitics, through fundamental courses.

Why choose to do a bachelor’s degree in geopolitics?

Geopolitics is a field that focuses on the past in order to better understand the future. In other words, it trains you to become an actor of tomorrow. It focuses mainly on the changes brought about by globalization. As such, it is a multidisciplinary course allowing you to acquire notions of geography, law, economics and of course political science.

Beyond politics, the sector touches on a cultural and environmental dimension. The objective of the training is to find the right balance to avoid conflicts through international strategies. For its part, the environmental dimension focuses on the search for ecological solutions.

In addition to their passionate and committed character, geopolitical actors can access many career opportunities. You have several choices, between working in France, in the European Union or anywhere in the world.

Why choose to do a geopolitical bachelor in business school?

As mentioned earlier, a geopolitical track is not limited to the notion of politics. Specialized in international relations training, business schools are the best places to train in this field. The course is therefore designed to adapt to the expectations of geopolitics, with courses in management and economics taught by experienced teachers.

Combined with a course in political science, international relations gives you all the essential notions. Through their partnerships, business schools also offer you real openings to the international market. This allows you to continue your education or do internships abroad.

How to continue your studies after a bachelor’s degree in geopolitics?

Post-bachelor studies are mainly offered by business and management schools. This diploma gives you the possibility to follow a Master’s degree, in one or two years. Depending on your career plans, you can choose between:

  • a Master’s degree in political science and public affairs. The training takes place over 2 years on a sandwich basis, which gives you the opportunity to gain experience. The idea is to be able to hold leadership positions in government and international institutions;
  • a master’s degree in diplomacy and international relations. This is a classic training course aimed at mastering the political and economic aspects between the different states. The training gives you access to positions such as policy analyst and research officer. You have the possibility to operate in both public and private areas.

What opportunities are available to students who choose to do a bachelor’s degree in geopolitics?

The geopolitics bachelor’s degree offers many opportunities in international relations. With your degree in hand, you can apply for positions such as :

  • geopolitician, focusing on the relationships between states through geography;
  • geopolitical analyst, whose role is to collect and process data;
  • press officer, i.e. the person in charge of communicating with the press;
  • diplomat, who is the representative of his country abroad;
  • international strategy analyst, who provides expertise to guide decision making. His job is based on the analysis of socio-economic and political issues.

As mentioned earlier, studying geopolitics allows you to work in the public and private sector, in different institutions.

Is it possible to choose a geopolitical bachelor’s degree at HEIP?

HEIP is a school specialized in international and political studies. Although it does not offer a geopolitical bachelor’s degree, it does have an international relations and political science program. This course spans 3 years and gives you all the basic concepts of geopolitics, including :

  • geostrategy;
  • history of international relations;
  • public international law ;
  • history of political ideas;
  • major contemporary conflicts ;
  • the theory of international relations.

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Updated 12 March 2024