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What is a professional certification?

A professional certification registered with the RNCP allows for the validation of acquired skills and knowledge necessary to perform professional activities (Law of September 5, 2018 for the freedom to choose one’s professional future). An RNCP title is a professional certification issued by France Compétences.

Discover the HEIP RNCP and associated training courses:

The HEIP status and diplomas

HEIP is a free private higher education institution under the status of the law of 1875 and under the annual control of the rectorate (control of programs and teachers). As such, HEIP is a state-recognized school that delivers a Bachelor’s degree equivalent to a public university diploma (licence). We also deliver an MSc degree with a level 7 RNCP title. Currently, a new RNCP level 7 title is under instruction. In addition, HEIP delivers 60 ECTS credits per year of study, i.e. 180 for the Bachelor’s degree and 300 for the MSc cycle.

Certification of HEIP programs

The status of the 1875 law allows us to deliver degrees like public universities: students graduating from a HEIP Bachelor’s degree can, for example, enroll in other prestigious public institutions such as an IEP, the Sorbonne … in France or a Master’s degree abroad. This status also allows us to attract renowned professors who teach in other prestigious institutions, or diplomats, generals, lawyers, and magistrates.

60 ECTS credits per year of study

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System is a student-centered system, based on the workload to be achieved by the student in order to reach the objectives of the program which are defined in terms of knowledge and skills to be acquired.

The study plan

Updated 13 July 2022