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HEIP, Advanced International and Political Studies

Over 120 years of history

HEIP is one of the oldest training schools in political science and international relations.

It is a pioneering school in these areas and was built around three very strong values that we still defend today:

Train informed citizens:
The school was created in 1899 by a young woman journalist and activist, Dick May, to open up young men and women of the time to training in the social sciences, to make them enlightened citizens at the time of the Dreyfus affair which saw two Frances stand up against each other. It was then a question of training students to better understand the world in which they lived and to combat ignorance and prejudice.
HEIP’s objective is to train enlightened citizens capable of understanding the challenges of a complex and constantly changing world.

Innovating to adapt to today’s world:
When the school was created, the social sciences were a barely nascent discipline, which positioned HEIP as a precursor of this training.
It is also one of the first schools of international relations to begin teaching this subject at a time when relations between States governed by law are developing at the beginning of the century.
This value of innovation remains ours today, by offering solid programs within our training on major subjects to understand our contemporary world, by developing a very strong partnership with other educational establishments in France and abroad and emphasizing a strong international dimension.

Excel to train accomplished professionals:
Since its creation, HEIP has been able to benefit from the best teachers in political science and international relations by having among its teaching staff the biggest names, sometimes pioneers in their discipline: Emile Durkeim, founder of sociology or Aristide Briand, big name in international relations. and Nobel Peace Prize taught at HEIP like 7 other Nobel Prize winners.

Even today our teaching staff is top notch with professors from the best universities or professionals such as senior civil servants, jurists, geographers, historians, sociologists…
The vocation of our school is to train enlightened citizens able to understand a very complex world both nationally and internationally, but also to make them accomplished professionals by giving them the tools to thrive in the professional world. after their training.


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The power of a group

HEIP is part of the OMNES Education group. Leader in private higher education, OMNES Education is the only Group to offer a range that extends to the main areas of Higher Education and Research: Management, Engineering, Political Science and International Relations, Communication and Advertising.

Each of the schools is specific: EBS , ECE, ESCE, INSEEC, IUM Monaco, Sup Career, IFG Executive Education, HEIP-CEDS, Sup de Création, Sup de Pub and Créa Genève have a strong identity but also common points: a highly qualified professors and recognized professionals. Their ambition is to promote the student experience in the service of employability. The schools offer students a differentiating educational experience with a clear objective: to develop their employability as much as possible. Whatever the construction of their professional project, graduates of the OMNES Education Group benefit from easy access to employment, not only upon leaving school, but also throughout their professional career.

The schools are ideally located in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Chambéry, Beaune as well as in London, Monaco, Geneva, Abidjan and San Francisco , in premises equipped with the latest technologies, for a pleasant and functional study environment designed for students. ‘learning.










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Mathias Emmerich

Executive President OMNES Education

Jose Milano

CEO OMNES Education

Laetitia Helouet


Updated 22 February 2022