Where to do a bachelor’s degree in geopolitics in Paris?

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The bachelor’s degree in geopolitics is a very popular course in Paris at the moment. It is a course that enables students to understand current problems through geographic and political studies. Here’s what you need to know if you want to pursue this.

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Where is it possible to follow a bachelor’s degree in geopolitics in Paris?

Geopolitics is an exciting and challenging field. In particular, it helps to understand international relations, globalization and political strategies. By opting for a course in this field, you can hope to move towards an international professional career, even with a Bachelor’s degree.

The Bachelor’s degree is a three-year degree in higher education. If you want to choose a Bachelor’s degree in geopolitics in Paris, you will have to look at business and management schools, or specialized schools. These are the institutions that are exempt from providing this type of Bachelor’s degree.

It is also possible to consider college degrees. However, you must choose an option with a strong international dimension and a Bachelor’s degree. In this way, you will be able to take semesters in foreign schools or universities.

Why would you want to do a bachelor’s degree in geopolitics in Paris?

If you want to influence an increasingly globalized world, studying geopolitics would be perfect for you. A bachelor’s degree can lead you to the path you want. You will be able to open up to other cultures and work internationally. In addition, with a bachelor’s degree in geopolitics, you can look forward to many opportunities in different sectors:

  • in ministries as geopolitical analyst, parliamentary assistant, administrative attaché ;
  • in embassies as administrative manager, deputy director of service responsible for the international development of French companies;
  • in local authorities as director of public affairs, chief of staff, head of department;
  • in large private groups as an analyst, institutional affairs manager, events and public relations officer, public affairs and lobbying expert;
  • in consulting firms as a development manager, public policy evaluation consultant.

How to enroll in a geopolitics bachelor’s degree in Paris?

With your bachelor’s degree, you can apply directly to a geopolitical bachelor’s degree. Otherwise, it is also possible to enter this program with a Bac+1 or Bac+2 via parallel admissions. Basically, here is how to apply for a bachelor’s degree in geopolitics in Paris for a procedure outside Parcoursup :

  • entry into the first year of the geopolitical bachelor’s degree: hold or be in the process of obtaining the Baccalauréat or an equivalent foreign diploma;
  • entry in the second year of the geopolitical bachelor’s degree: hold a Bac+1 or an equivalent of 60 ECTS credits in the political, legal and social, economic and human sciences fields;
  • Entry into the third year of the geopolitical bachelor’s degree: hold a Bac+2 or equivalent of 120 ECTS credits, in the fields of politics, economics, humanities, law and social sciences.

You can submit your application directly to the school. You will then be required to take admission tests (written and oral) in person or remotely.

What to study after a bachelor in geopolitics in Paris ?

After a bachelor’s degree in geopolitics in Paris, you can directly enter the job market. If you don’t feel ready to enter the professional world yet, you can pursue two more years of study to obtain a Master’s or MSc (Master of Science) degree. You have a wide choice between the different programs:

  • MSc International Relations & Diplomacy ;
  • MSc Public Affairs & Institutional Management ;
  • MSc International Business & Diplomacy ;
  • MSc Strategic Studies, Security & Defense Policy ;
  • MSc International Business & Sustainable Development ;
  • MSc International Strategy & Economic Development ;
  • MSc Political Science & Public Affairs ;
  • MSc Diplomacy and International Relations ;
  • MSc Digital Transformation of Public Services.

Is it possible to do a Bachelor’s degree in Geopolitics in Paris at HEIP?

If you don’t know yet where to study a geopolitical bachelor’s degree in Paris, don’t look any further. The HEIP school can meet your needs. It offers you a perfectly identical bachelor’s degree: the Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Science. Everything is the same.

This program allows you to acquire in three years knowledge on geopolitics, geoeconomics, international relations, law, political science and economics. You will have the choice between a French or English program. In the third year of the Bachelor’s program, you will be required to do an internship at the end of the program, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the professional world.

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Updated 12 March 2024