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Oratores HEIP is the eloquence association of HEIP. Affiliated with the French-speaking debate federation (FFD) since 2017, our goal is to promote public speaking by making it accessible to as many people as possible through hotlines, contests, mock trials and more! The whole being guided by a single philosophy: that one is not born a speaker but that one becomes one!

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President of Oratores: Victor GAIMARD –

Talleyrand Institute:

Gather knowledge and exchange around our time in sociopolitical, geostrategic and cultural perspectives. The Talleyrand Institute works for the promotion and development of the international sector through various subjects such as security, the economy, digital technology, law … through the writing of articles, joint reflections, exchanges, information , meetings, conferences …

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President of the Talleyrand Institute: Dorian PAIRE-COCHIN –


The association (law 1901) CSactu, is a student newspaper dealing with current affairs by young people, for young people. Each week, we offer new articles written by students from diverse and varied backgrounds and pursue an apolitical editorial line. Our association pursues a double challenge: to give students the desire to take an interest in current events in the broad sense, and this, through the eyes of young people and also to enrich their careers, their files and the CVs of anyone who works so that our newspaper can exist.

CSactu consists of 8 teams. 5 teams of journalists who cover subjects related to politics, economy, sport, culture, and international news. 3 teams of managers to manage partnerships, events and communication.

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President of CSactu: Alexis FOURNET –

Public affairs :

The APH – The Association of Public Affairs of HEIP is an association governed by the law of 1901.
Convinced of the excellence and relevance of the Public Affairs course of the HEIP school, the Public Affairs association has set itself the task of promoting this course through the actions implemented within its 5 poles: Strategy and development, Public Affairs Clinic, Lobbying and Advocacy, Communication, and Events.
Beyond all our missions, the APH aims to promote the institutional, professional and friendly network of students by putting them in contact with each other and with the Alumni through events (conference at the National Assembly, institutional debate café, presentation cocktail and many other projects).

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President of Public Affairs: Manassé BOKOLE ISEKA –



Def’Inseec Lyon is a Defense and Security association working closely with the Def’Inseec branch in Paris. Its purpose is to introduce students to the world of Defence, both in the private and public sectors. It also emphasizes that this environment is in permanent correlation with other spheres (such as the political, diplomatic and judicial), and that as such, it can only be accurately analyzed by taking this element into account. Thanks to its conferences, visits, fairs, and multiple immersive activities, Def’Inseec Lyon is a real opportunity to develop knowledge and contacts.

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President of DEF’INSEEC Lyon: Elena PRISTAVU –


Terra Vitaïa is an association combining humanitarian and solidarity projects. In addition to supporting an association helping former homeless people to reintegrate into society, we are interested in humanitarian crises at the international level. This is how we plan to support a foreign association each year and intervene in the field to tackle the subject in a concrete way. Finally, Terra Vitaïa is committed to protecting the environment by organizing clean-walks but also by initiating eco-responsible actions for the benefit of the OMNES Education Lyon campus.

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President of DEF’INSEEC Lyon: Eva STOJANOVIC –

Updated 25 February 2022