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What is the HEIP Observatory of Temporalities?

The society is in full mutation because of the growing distrust towards the governments and the media, and where we witness the rise of false information in particular with the development of social networks. These phenomena generate a societal fracture and a France that is losing itself. In an attempt to understand the new challenges facing the French, HEIP’s Observatory of Temporalities reflects on the issues and tries to propose some answers. The main mission of the Observatory of Temporalities is to propose a reflection around structured and sourced notes with experts from all fields in order to develop a systemic and holistic approach by valuing collective intelligence.

Workshop 1: Launch of the HEIP Observatory of Temporalities with the “Health” cluster

As part of the first workshop of the HEIP Observatory of Temporalities, the “Health” division wrote a note that was presented during a conference-debate on the theme: “The public hospital in the experience of the pandemic: towards a new model? During this conference, Professor Fabien Doguet, professor of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, Professor Jean-Daniel Lelièvre, professor and head of the immunology department and head of two departments of the INSERM U 955 unit, and André Syrota, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “EBrain”, Chairman of the Board of Stakeholders of the human Brain project, and former President and CEO of INSERM were able to discuss this note.

Documents of the "Health" division

Note – L’hôpital public à l’expérience de la pandémie – HEIP – Pôle Santé



Compte-rendu de conférence (31.03)



Workshop 2: “Europe” cluster

HEIP’s Observatory of Temporalities and the “Europe” pole wrote a note that was presented during the second workshop, which had as its theme: “France-Germany: the couple of peace facing the challenges of war”.

At this conference, Adrian Pabst, Professor and former Dean of Political Science at the University of Kent, Associate Director of the UK National Institute of Economic and Social Research, Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, former diplomatic advisor and sherpa to Jacques Chirac, former ambassador to Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany and China, former Secretary General of the Quai d’Orsay, Philipp Sieger, Director France of the Hanns Seidel Foundation (CSU), Stéphane Rozes, President of CAP: “Two imaginary worlds side by side or face to face? Bettina Laville were able to discuss this note.

Updated 16 May 2023