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Are you interested in world events and news? Do you want to have a responsible job that can be exercised at the international level? Studying geopolitics may be a great alternative for you. But, where to do a master in geopolitics? This is exactly what you will discover in this article.

In summary:

The geopolitical master:

  • Is available in Paris and other cities in France.
  • Is offered at a university or school.
  • Can be followed ideally in a business school or in international relations and political science.

May involve study abroad depending on the program and institution of your choice.

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Where is it possible to follow a master in geopolitics?

Lately, the master’s degree in geopolitics is available in public and private universities. The ideal is to follow it in a school of international relations and political science. That said, if you want to focus more on international trade, you can also do so at a business school.

Why do a master’s degree in geopolitics at the university?

Many students choose to do a master’s degree in geopolitics at university for different reasons. The first is that it is accessible after a Bachelor’s degree in any related field, following the LMD or Bachelor’s – Master’s – Doctorate system.

The second is that, precisely, it is at the university that you have the opportunity to do a PhD after your geopolitical master. It may also give you the opportunity to do research or even teach in the future.

Why choose to do a master’s degree in geopolitics in business school?

If you are more interested in international trade and international exchanges, you can do a master’s degree ingeopolitics in business school. It is also ideal if you plan to work for foreign companies and handle their international activities.

The advantage of business school is that you always come out of it versatile. You will learn to master several key areas, including international law, sales techniques and communication. You have everything you need for an important job in a subsidiary or a large-scale company operating in the international field.

Why choose a school like HEIP to do a master’s degree in geopolitics?

If you are really interested in all the events and activities that take place on an international level, the ideal is to join a school of international relations and political science. Then join HEIP whose specialty is geopolitics.

By going to the school’s website, you can discover its complete history. Since its creation in 1899, the school has focused on the teaching of international relations. In terms of experience, HEIP is then far ahead of many other institutions. Since then, HEIP has been trying to offer programs and training that are in line with the evolution and context of the moment.

Lately, it has been imposing digital subjects in its programs, taking into account the evolution of technology and digital. Also, it makes it possible to do your master’s degree in geopolitics in alternation to allow you to access more easily to a first job. It’s all about education. Opt for this mode of learning to be operational as soon as you leave the institution.

Moreover, choosing this type of school makes it easier for you to open up to foreign countries since this is what it teaches you on a daily basis. The teaching of languages, including English, takes on an important role during the training. If you would like to learn more about the school, please visit their website at your leisure. Or, ask your questions in the FAQ section.

Is it possible to do a master’s degree in geopolitics abroad?

Obviously, it is possible to do a master’s degree in geopolitics abroad. In this case, mastery of one or more languages, including English, is mandatory. Some schools even offer programs that are 100% in English. However, it all depends on the institution you join and the conditions it imposes on you.

At HEIP, for example, you are unable to study abroad for your Master’s degree in geopolitics. On the other hand, for your bachelor’s degree, which normally corresponds to your3rd year of higher education, you have this possibility.

You are supposed to go to London during thefirst semester and to partner universities during thesecond. HEIP’s program is then to give a solid foundation to its students. Then, before the end of the bachelor’s degree, the school helps them to open up to the world. To do this, it gives them the opportunity to follow their training abroad for 6 to 12 months. Right after that, she intends to professionalize them by proposing them to do their geopolitical master in alternation and to be directly operational at the end of the training.

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Updated 12 March 2024