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Assistance in finding companies

A personalized accompaniment

The HEIP Career Center is the dedicated service that assists our students in their search for internships and work-study programs (professionalization or apprenticeship contracts).

The Career Center is the primary contact for students before and during their professional experience in a company. It provides them with a wide range of resources, tools, services and events to facilitate their research.

We offer many opportunities to encourage the recruitment of interns, work-study students and young graduates.

The Career Center also oversees the company/student relationship during the school year and builds strong relationships with all stakeholders in order to provide a unique and quality coaching experience for each.

The Career Center also handles the administrative management of internships and work-study programs.

In order to build the career path of our students, the Career Center teams work with them on three fundamental axes:

  • The definition of their professional project, their posture and their strategy for finding an internship or work-study program
  • Preparing for their interviews
  • Preparation for professional integration

Career Center Events

Le Career Center propose plusieurs évènements :


job dating/year to help you find an internship or a work placement


CV, cover letter and pitch elevator coaching


coaching “Succeed in your first 100 days in a company”.

Career Center Contact

Alix Auffray

Director of the Career Center

01 81 51 15 50

Mélaïd Ben Daoud

Responsible for the work-study program

06 87 37 98 12

Sandra Renault

Responsible for internships

01 40 59 30 71

Updated 16 May 2023