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Political science is a very important field for a young graduate’s future. It provides an opportunity to learn about the many elements that drive society, including government, public relations, public policy and international relations. There are many jobs that allow him to access this academic discipline . Find out everything there is to know about the job of consultant in charge of foresight, studies and discourses.

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What is a Foresight, Studies and Discourse Advisor?

Advisor in charge of foresight, studies and speechesis a civil servant with great responsibilities. It must first anticipate the company’s future actions by analyzing its economic, human, environmental and political data.

It also leads a project or follow each step of its evolution. Within the framework of politics, its role is to highlight the aid that the government brings to the people, how it is implemented and the benefits brought at the economic level, international relations and development.

What are the missions of the Advisor in charge of foresight, studies and speeches?

The advisor must juggle the missions of an advisor in charge of foresight, an advisor of studies and speeches.

The Foresight Consultant shall:

  • analyze the financial impact of public policies;
  • closely follow company projects;
  • develop new projects in line with government activity;
  • draft new structural proposals

The Academic Advisor shall perform the following duties:

  • the creation of statistical indicators to follow the evolution of the studied subject;
  • Strategic studies in relation to the company’s values;
  • directing the providers in charge of collecting the study data;
  • data processing ;
  • the creation of methodologies ;
  • the creation of a database ;
  • competitive intelligence ;
  • control of the received data ;
  • technical writing ;

The missions of the policy advisor are:

  • set the stage for a new bill;
  • closely monitor the work of Parliament;
  • intervene in the parliamentary committee ;
  • anticipate possible objections during a meeting of the National Assembly ;
  • prepare speeches to be given to high ranking people.

Why become a Consultant in charge of foresight, studies and speeches?

Working as a Foresight, Studies and Discourse Consultant offers you several benefits both financially and in the area of learning.

First, you will have a relevant resume. Indeed, most of the large companies in France recruit young graduates for a position in a consulting firm. Not only will you get the recruiter’s special attention, but your resume will be a major asset for your job interview.

Second, working for a consulting firm will increase your self-esteem. Indeed, you will gain in competence, because you will be in constant contact with high ranking people and renowned companies.

Being a consultant will improve your business culture. For one thing, you won’t be trapped in your office all day. When you are assigned a mission, you may move from city to city often.

What is the salary of a consultant in charge of foresight, studies and speeches?

A consultant in charge of foresight, studies and speeches earns between 55 804 € and 69 532 €.

What studies are required to become a Consultant in charge of foresight, studies and speeches?

To become a Foresight, Research and Speech Advisor, you must have at least a Master’s degree in political science and a degree in business.

You can find these courses at HEIP. Then trainwith the MSc 1 in Political Science. Finally, reinforce your knowledge by starting the MSc 2 international business cycle.

The program of the MSc 1 in Political Science and Public Affairs

The MSc 1 cycle provides students with an understanding of politics beginning with broad political ideals through to public opinion. The program lasts 1 year. Among the 15 courses, you can find:

  • contemporary political theories;
  • constitutional law ;
  • the organization of public authorities.

The program of the MSc 2 in International Business and Diplomacy

This training lasts 1 year. With this curriculum, you can interact effectively with public stakeholders and their future clients.

During the year, the MSc 2 guides you in your career path with :

  • group tutorials;
  • correspondence courses ;
  • face-to-face courses.

To integrate the Mcs 2, the student must be validated in the following areas

  • international relations ;
  • political science;
  • international law.

What career paths can a consultant in charge of foresight, studies and discourses envisage?

You can apply for the position ofStrategic Research Manager or Innovation Program Manager.

For the study advisor, you can choose between:

  • head of the commercial department ;
  • product manager ;
  • director of communications.
  • head of the marketing department.

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Updated 12 March 2024