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The HEIP status and diplomas

HEIP is a free private higher education institution under the status of the law of 1875.

There are 2 main categories of private higher education institutions in France:

  • – The number of free private higher education establishments is very limited (13), including the 5 Catholic institutes and HEIP
  • – Private institutions of higher technical education. These are engineering schools and business and management schools.

HEIP is a free institution of higher education under the status of the law of 1875 and under the annual control of the rectorate (control of programs and teachers).

Certification of HEIP programs

The status of the 1875 law allows us to deliver degrees like public universities: students graduating from a HEIP Bachelor’s degree can, for example, enroll in other prestigious public institutions such as an IEP, the Sorbonne … in France or a Master’s degree abroad. This status also allows us to attract renowned professors who teach in other prestigious institutions, or diplomats, generals, lawyers, and magistrates.

HEIP delivers 60 ECTS credits per year of study

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System is a student-centered system, based on the workload to be achieved by the student in order to reach the objectives of the program which are defined in terms of knowledge and skills to be acquired.

HEIP diplomas

The academic course at HEIP is divided into two cycles:

  • -> Bachelor’s degree program (3 years, post-bac admission): Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Science
  • -> MSc Cycle (2 years, post-graduate admission):
    • – Prevention, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

During the Bachelor’s program, students are trained in all the political and international disciplines necessary for a perfect understanding of contemporary world issues.

The MSc cycle allows students to specialize in order to acquire the skills necessary for their future professional careers.

The courses are lectures and TD in small groups. There is also group work and e-learning with assessments at the end of each semester.

All our lecturers are lecturers or professional lecturers who are experts in their field.

Double degrees

HEIP has created courses in partnership with specialized institutions (MSc level). These courses also lead to double degrees approved or certified by the state. At the end of the double-diploma, the student will receive the HEIP diploma and that of the partner school or university.

  • ESCE: OMNES Education’s International Business School for an International Business and Diplomacy double-diploma (100% in English). This program is designed for students who want to work in the private sector and in international business development.
  • Two year course of study:
  • – Year 1 at ESCE (MSc1 International Strategy & Economic Development / export management)
  • – Year 2 at HEIP (MSc2 International Business & Diplomacy).
  • Diplomas obtained: MSc from HEIP and Master degree from ESCE
  • Separator
  • ESJ: journalism school and sister of HEIP, founded 120 years ago, they are united for a double degree in journalism, communication and press relations. This dual training, original and unique in France, covers the two sides of a journalist’s know-how in real life: journalism and communication.
  • Two year course of study:
  • – Year 1 at HEIP (MSc1 Political Communication & Influence)
  • – Year 2 at ESJ Paris (M2 journalism, Communication & Press Relations).
  • Diplomas obtained: MSc from HEIP and the RNCP Level 7 title from ESJ Paris
  • Separator
  • London Metropolitan University (London, UK): MSc2 Diplomacy & Soft Power and MSc2 Strategic Studies, Security & Defence Policy students have the possibility to obtain the MA International Relations from the university in addition to their HEIP degree. These courses allow students to acquire a thorough understanding of both French and British approaches to international relations.
  • One-year course: 1 semester of courses at HEIP (MSc2), 1 semester of courses at London Metropolitan University.
  • Degrees obtained: MSc from HEIP and MA from London Metropolitan University (British state degree)
  • Separator
  • University of Kent (Canterbury, UK): Students of the MSc1 Diplomacy and International Relations and the MSc1 Diplomacy and International Relations can, at the end of their program at HEIP, study for a full year at our partner University of Kent in order to obtain the MA International Relations degree of the university. This double lesson is all the more rich in opportunities as it is part of a context of redefinition of European relations, and more generally, of renewal of the major international balances.
  • Two year course of study:
  • – MSc1 at HEIP
  • – M2 at University of Kent.
  • Degrees obtained: MSc from HEIP and MA from University of Kent.
  • Separator
  • Ecole Nationale d’Administration Publique (Quebec, Canada): ENAP trains Canadian public policy professionals in the same way as ENA in France. ENAP and HEIP have developed a collaboration for the continuation of studies for the students of the MSc2 Management of Public Affairs and Institutions. Also, upon graduation from HEIP, new graduates (and up to eight years after graduation) have the opportunity to take a one-year course at ENAP to study and apply the principles of comparative public policy.
  • One-year course at ENAP after obtaining the MSc from HEIP.

The study plan

Updated 1 March 2022