Why study international relations?

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This field of study is one of the pillars of a country’s development. It allows the forging of links between two states in commercial or economic terms. The young graduates in search of their professional path must learn this branch to be the main actor of the development of a country. Find out more about studying international relations.

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Why study international relations?

Are you interested in communication and geopolitics? International relations studies allow you to go deeper into these fields. They provide you with several advantages for your professional career:

Improvement of personal qualities

Training in international relations allows you to sharpen your critical sense, your intellectual curiosity and to improve your general culture. Moreover, these qualities are essential to break into this field.

Opening towards employment

International relations open doors to job opportunities. The last and most important advantage, they allow you to be in symbiosis with any country. These allow you to understand the issues of each country, to understand their worldview and to bring value to them.

International relations studies offer a wealth of information

Indeed, international relations studies provide you with a rich education, including political science, geopolitics, sociology and economic issues. You will learn the basics of politics, concepts and ideologies. You get to know the various actors of political life such as institutions, associations and social organizations.

You will become aware of the impact of geography or demography on the politics of a country. You will study his different social behaviors within a family, his education and his work.

Studies in international relations give access to many professional opportunities

With international relations, you can apply to become :

  • sociologist;
  • diplomat;
  • management consultant;
  • consultant ;
  • assistant director.

Depending on your skill level, you may work for:

  • international communities ;
  • governments of foreign countries;
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • NGOs.

International relations studies provide a good understanding of intercultural communication

Good intercultural communication allows you to better convey your ideas, your aspirations and your help to a target country. It is important to know that good interculturality is first and foremost a good knowledge of habits and customs. In addition, knowing the behavior of the population is also a major asset. Understanding the reason for his actions is a criterion not to be neglected to refine your remarks. Knowing the ideologies will also help you refine your arguments in your exchanges.

What are the career opportunities of international relations studies?

After graduation, you can become :

international relations researcher

This position allows you to conduct studies and write syntheses on a situation, anticipate political fallout, launch a project by checking information sources, establish specifications and process data based on a specific methodology.

International Relations Manager

As an international relations manager, you will:

  • control and accompany international trade;
  • Keep a constant watch on the company’s international development;
  • Motivate and engage your colleagues around international goals;
  • have a perfect knowledge of your work environment and your mission;
  • Seek out business opportunities.

Public Relations Manager

As a public relations manager, you are responsible for re-branding a company’s image to its target audience. To do this, you must have a close relationship with the media.


As an analyst, your mission will be to study the economic, political, social and financial situations of a country. Then, you must be able to provide relevant recommendations and solutions to decision makers.

Does HEIP offer training in international relations?

HEIP offers a complete curriculum. As soon as you graduate from high school, you can start the school’s 3-year Bachelor’s program . The school teaches political science, law, economics, geopolitics and geo-economics.

The 1st year of the Bachelor program allows you to discover and understand the basics of international relations. The2nd year allows you to deepen your knowledge and methodologies. As for the3rd year, it guides you towards the professional world of this branch thanks to alternating courses. An individual follow-up on the preparation and realization of your individual or collective project will accompany you each semester.

You can continue your studies and access the MSc program. This training lasts 1 year. At the end of the year, you will receive a research paper to reinforce the learning.

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Updated 12 March 2024