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Do you want to understand how the world works and all the exchanges and activities that exist between countries? Do you have a keen interest in national and international politics? Doing the right studies to realize your professional projects is essential. Find out in this article how to study political science.

In summary:

Political Science Studies:

  • Requires an excellent grade point average and a high school diploma.
  • They are ideally accessible with an HGGSP, HLP or SES speciality in the baccalaureate.
  • Can be done at the university or in a school of political science and international relations.
  • Requires a good level of English.
  • Offer many opportunities.

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How to study political science?

If you wish to study political science, you must first join an institution that offers it. To do so, you normally need to have an excellent average in your baccalaureate and a mention. Next, you must follow the admission procedures imposed by the institution of your choice.

You usually have the choice between going to university and opting for a school of political science and international relations, like HEIP. For the latter, you have to complete an application file and pass admission tests. Many schools also offer these admission methods with tough competitive exams.

Visit the school’s website to find out about all the programs available and how to access them. If you need more information on these, you can also consult the FAQ section.

What options should I take in my baccalaureate to study political science?

If you’re sure you want to study political science in high school, it’s ideal to prepare as early as possible. As a high school student, it is appropriate for you to choose a related option. Among others, we can mention the following:

The HGGSP specialty

The specialty designed par excellence for political science studies at the baccalaureate is the HGGSP. She focuses more on History Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science. It allows you to learn about the global dynamics of the economy and the relationships between countries. By choosing this specialty, you also enrich your general culture, an asset for the competitive examination.

The HLP Specialty

Forthe bac, you can also choose the HLP or Humanities, Literature and Philosophy speciality. These are areas that are very relevant to political science. That said, it allows you to be better at international communication and therefore international relations.

The SES specialty

The Economic and Social Sciences specialization also allows you to enter a school of political science and international relations. If you want to focus more on sociology and the economics of political science, this is the ideal major. With the latter, you can, for example, seek to specialize in Private International Law.

Is HEIP’s Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Science accessible via Parcoursup?

If you want to enter HEIP right after the baccalaureate, you can opt for a Bachelor’s degree in international relations and political science. In France, registering for Parcoursup can help you find your first year of higher education faster. However, HEIP courses are accessible outside of Parcoursup.

The reason for the school’s choice is to give students the opportunity to apply year-round. This way, you can also get rid of all the Parcoursup constraints and the stress caused by waiting.

Which HEIP Bachelor’s program in International Relations and Political Science is accessible via Parcoursup?

You can access the same Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Science at HEIP via Parcoursup. In this case, it is the platform that helps you put together your application and you may or may not have the chance to join the school afterwards. However, the procedure outside of Parcoursup allows you to apply at any time during the year.

What are the career opportunities for the Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Science at HEIP?

If you choose to do a bachelor’s degree in international relations and political science at HEIP, you can have many opportunities. On the one hand, you can choose to continue your political science studies at HEIP by doing a master’s degree.

On the other hand, you can also enter the working world and occupy a position that requires a diploma of Bac + 3 like that of analyst.

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Updated 12 March 2024