What jobs can I do after a master’s degree in public affairs?

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After you’ve completed training to earn your master’s in public affairs, it’s time to enter the professional world. However, you have no idea what job you can do with this master’s degree or where to turn to discuss it. Find out what jobs to do after a master’s degree in public affairs.

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What jobs can I consider after a master’s degree in public affairs?

You may consider a career as a :

Public Affairs Officer

A public affairs officermanages the interaction between the company and the government.

In charge of studies

A projectmanager takes charge of a project until its completion. He must keep a legal watch on his company’s policy and the market in order to remain in line with the latter.

Consultant in social and solidarity economy

A consultant in social and solidarity economy works closely with cooperatives, mutuals and associations in order to bring his expertise as an advisor. He or she manages economic and professional issues.

Why choose to do a master’s degree in public affairs

It provides you with the fundamental knowledge and basics to manage the state. You can study the economic, political and legal foundations of the latter.

In addition, having a master’s degree in public affairs allows you to analyze new administrative reforms and define expectations within the public service. The HEIP school offers a complete training to obtain this diploma:

The MSc 2 Public Affairs and Institutional Management program

The program lasts 2 years. Through this Masterclass, you can address the various issues related to the state.

The MSc 2 cycle offers 9 seminars to address the different themes related to public affairs. Over the years, you will move on to practice depending on your industry. During these 2 years, the student must practice the courses in alternation. There will be:

  • group tutorials;
  • correspondence courses ;
  • face-to-face courses.

Prerequisites for the MSc2 cycle

To integrate the MSc 2, the student must be validated in the following areas

  • international relations ;
  • political science of public administration ;
  • international law ;
  • public law ;
  • political science and geopolitics ;
  • of the economy.

Training costs

The application fee is 80 €. A reservation deposit of 1100 € followed by 9650 € will be requested. It is also necessary to pay 92 € for the school year.

What are the jobs that recruit after a master’s degree in public affairs?

The majority of recruiters are in the state civil service. You can then apply to the National Assembly, Senate or Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Depending on your professional orientation, you can also apply to the Conseil d’État, the Inspection des Finances, the Direction générale du Trésor and administrative courts.

Local and regional public services

Local authorities and inter-municipal structures also recruit graduates in public affairs.

What are the first jobs for graduates after a master’s degree in public affairs?

After completing the public affairs courses at HEIP, you can become :

  • European parliamentary attaché ;
  • public affairs consultant ;
  • public affairs officer ;
  • chief of staff;
  • public affairs officer ;

What qualities are needed to flourish in your profession after a master’s degree in public affairs?

In truth, the qualities are dependent on your future profession. For example, for a public affairs manager, you need:

  • an analytical mind;
  • good writing skills;
  • Relational skills;
  • rigor;
  • be organized;
  • have a good team spirit;
  • a perfect command of parliamentary rights, public and in compatibility.

What are the qualities needed to thrive as a Public Affairs Consultant?

To reach your full potential as a public affairs consultant, you must:

  • be versatile;
  • be organized;
  • have an analytical capacity;
  • know the workings of the political world;
  • master the legal and economic aspects of a state ;
  • have a commercial fibre;
  • master foreign languages (at least English);
  • have an excellent general culture.

What are the qualities needed to thrive as a public affairs officer?

As a project manager, you must then:

  • be comfortable speaking;
  • have the ability to synthesize information;
  • be a good negotiator;
  • have good interpersonal skills;
  • know how to manage conflict situations;
  • have excellent stress management skills;
  • know how to analyze the political system ;
  • have a thorough knowledge of public and parliamentary law;
  • be proactive;
  • have good writing skills.

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Updated 11 March 2024