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The field of development is vast and very competitive. Each organization must be able to make a difference. It is the responsibility of a development manager to ensure that this mission is carried out. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a development manager.

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What is a development manager?

The development manager is a person who works in multiple fields. It is a research position that is associated with the commercial sector, marketing, logistics, but also the financial plan. As a development manager, you are the actor of the evolution of your sector.

It’s also a job that puts you in touch with many collaborators. As a strategist and innovator, the development manager uses his/her skills to solve problems. His strategy is to promote the company or entity he works for. On the other hand, a development manager can work in the primary sector, industries or a law firm.

What are the missions of a development manager?

It is above all a development job that uses business strategies to implement business policy. The goal of the development manager is to build a client portfolio for the company or firm. These actions should result in increased sales.

His job is also to reinforce the effects of operations on sales. The development aspect involves the company’s long-term projects. The manager uses his expertise to develop an action plan to expand the business.

To implement the marketing and development strategy, it gathers the necessary data. The development manager must analyze and decipher data to forecast the organization’s business performance.

In terms of development policy, the manager is responsible for evaluating the sales teams. The latter must follow the change made by the manager. The development manager is responsible for making proposals to enable the company to achieve its objectives. He analyzes the market to follow technological advances. Its objective is to master these tools to use them in the development strategy.

Its mission also extends to the sustainable development of the organization. It should seek to align business activity with ecological impact. He studies new standards and bills in his field of activity.

Qualities and skills needed to be a good development manager

The development manager must have strong skills to perform his job properly:

  • it is, above all, essential to have the ability to persuade. As a change agent, the development manager must be able to convince the employees;
  • The analytical mind goes hand in hand with this work. If you want to become a development manager, you have to analyze every element;
  • you need ambition to go beyond the knowledge you have acquired;
  • you must be able to anticipate;
  • the mastery of technological tools is essential. Technology is constantly innovating, you have an obligation to learn how to use it to your advantage;
  • it is essential to have the ability to listen. The development manager must listen to consumers, customers, future targets and critics. The opinions of technical and financial managers must also be taken into account;
  • A good team spirit is essential to contribute to the development of the company.

What are the advantages of being a development manager?

A broad field of action is the asset of this profession. Indeed, as a development manager, you can work in the field that you are passionate about. It is possible to diversify your field of activityduring your career. You can work anywhere in the world, which expands your job opportunities.

This is a responsible job that offers you the opportunity to change the impact of a company. In this job, it is impossible to get bored. You can go to the field or practice indoors. Depending on the size of the company, you can be sent around the world to conquer new markets. It is an intense professional and personal experience.

Development manager: salary and career development.

The position of development manager is rewarded with a motivating salary. As in many industries, compensation varies depending on your experience. If you graduate from a school like HEIP, you can expect a salary of around 57,000 euros per year. That’s approximately 4,700 euros per month.

For a development manager with experience, the salary is between 70,000 and 80,000 euros gross per year. This corresponds to approximately 5,800 euros gross per month. These amounts can change depending on the size of the company and the industry.

In terms of career development, this job allows you to reach the position of development manager. With experience and additional training, you can become a business manager or production manager.

Which studies to become a development manager?

In order to reach this position, it is necessary to undergo extensive training. The responsibilities of this job require a degree from a top school such as HEIP. It is a pioneer school in the field of political science and international relations. HEIP is part of OMNES Education which is a group in management, engineering, communication, creation and design.

You need to join a communication track at HEIP. The program begins after the baccalaureate. You need a Bac+3 or a professional license. It is advisable to complete various internships to gain professional experience and knowledge in the field.
HEIP also offers work-study programs to allow you to study and work at the same time. If you wish to work in large companies, the ideal is to obtain a BAC +5, a master or an MBA.

Updated 12 March 2024