School of Advanced International and Political Studies

Founded in 1899, HEIP is one of the oldest higher education establishments in the field of international relations and political science.

In addition to the wealth of over a century of experience, HEIP has an important alumni network. ; Our high-quality teaching faculty includes legal experts, economists, geographers, demographers, historians and well-known figures from the worlds of academia, diplomacy and the military. Furthermore, our network of international partners enables students to complete part of their course in an overseas university.

The school offers a privileged environment on a modern campus, a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower, an ideal place for students to work and interact (HEIP is part of the INSEEC U. group, which is comprised of 16 higher education establishments).

Enrolling at HEIP, means becoming part of its history, being part of an exciting teaching and research project, enriching your university experience by getting involved in communities on campus, and above all building your future career.


Political science and international relations are the basis of global stability.



Why enroll at our school ?

10 good reasons to choose HEIP 

Pedagogical approach

True to its principles, HEIP is constantly evolving, offering an innovative pedagogical approach and a high-quality teaching faculty.