What is a public affairs consultant?

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A public affairs consultant plays an important role in the management of the state and its clients. In fact, he must manage not only public affairs and public relations. In short, he must have an impact on the negotiations between the public authorities and his company. To become this public servant, HEIP school offers comprehensive training. What is a public affairs consultant? Discover the fundamentals of this business.

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What is a public affairs consultant?

A public affairs consultant isa public servant who accompanies, advises and proposes new strategies to the leaders of a company. He coordinates advertising and sometimes election campaigns.

What are the missions of a public affairs consultant?

The consultant shall:

  • to carry out an institutional watch to maintain the balance between the company’s policy and the public power;
  • to animate the representations of interest of the company to sensitize public decision makers;
  • analyze public policy to understand the actions of a government;
  • to advise public communities.

What are the qualities required to be a public affairs consultant?

Being a public affairs consultant commits you to:

  • be flexible and versatile to adapt to any situation;
  • be organized for the many tasks;
  • to have a critical mind to identify the problems and to bring them solutions;
  • master foreign languages to communicate well

What is the daily life of a public affairs consultant?

He must manage both public affairs and public relations. In the first area, he must act as an intermediary between a client and public decision-makers. In the second area, it facilitates dialogue between the state or local government, the people and industry.

What kind of training do I need to become a public affairs consultant?

To become a public affairs consultant, you must have a BAC+5 in political science, law or business.

HEIP offers training in public affairs and political science. You can follow the Bachelor program. You can then continue with the MSc 1 Public Affairs program. Finally, you can reinforce your knowledge by starting the MSc 2 cycle.

The Bachelor of Political Science program

The Bachelor’s program allows you to assimilate the fundamentals of international relations, political science, law, economics, geopolitics and geo-economics. In 3 years, you will learn the basics of geopolitics, law and economics. You will also identify the different methods to apply on political science.

Finally, HEIP offers a semester abroad to consolidate your knowledge and gain a completely different perspective on political science and international relations. During these three years, the Bachelor’s program offers 19 courses, including constitutional and institutional political law, the history of international relations and public speaking.

It then focuses on economic law, economics and international finance as well as modern language courses. Your curriculum includes core courses, tutorials, correspondence courses, seminars and face-to-face classes.

To enter the Bachelor’s program, you must have a bachelor’s degree with a major in HGGSP. As for the tuition fees, you must gather 70 € for the files, 8100 € with a reservation of 1100 € and 92 € to be paid before the beginning of the school year.

The program of the MSc 1 Public Affairs cycle

In one year, you will gain a full command of political and institutional fundamentals by attending 15 intensive courses including political news analysis, parliamentary life, and contemporary political theory.

At the same time, your course will be marked by lectures, practical work and face-to-face classes. At the end of the year, you will have a research paper to complete.

To be admitted to the MSc1, HEIP requires a Bachelor’s degree in humanities, law, social sciences, politics or economics. The application fee is 80 €. A payment of €9,200 with a reservation deposit of €1,100 is required. 92 € to be paid before school starts.

The MSc 2 Public Affairs and Institutional Management program

The school accompanies you to deepenthe field of public affairs through 9 seminars and sandwich courses. You must be validated in the following tracks for the cycle prerequisites:

  • international relations ;
  • political science of public administration ;
  • international law ;
  • public law ;
  • political science and geopolitics ;
  • economy.

The application fee is 80 €. A reservation deposit of 1100 € followed by 9650 € will be requested. It is also necessary to pay 92 € for the school year.

What is the salary of a public affairs consultant?

His salary varies according to his status. A junior public affairs consultant earns around €35,000 gross per year while a senior consultant earns €70,000 per year.

What are the possible career paths for a public affairs consultant?

They may work their way into an agency or firm. They can also work on their own.

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Updated 12 March 2024