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HEIP (Hautes Études Internationales et Politiques) has been offering its expertise to its students for several years. Our school of international politics is dedicated to training the best leaders and Since its launch in 1899, the Graduate School of International and Political Studies (HEIP) has been training the best political leaders of tomorrow. This first-year course is designed to introduce participants to the issues and preparation of policy decisions. Here are the essentials to know about the MSc Political Science offered by our institution.

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What is an MSc in Political Science?

An MSc is a professional course of study that takes five years to complete after the baccalauréat. We distinguish, on the one hand, the MSc 1 political science (bac +4) and on the other hand, the MSc 2 (bac +5). This training, combining theory and practice, is given by experts working inhigher education. The MSc in Political Science is a course of study dedicated to the study of political science and its components.

The1st year of the MSc in Political Science (MSc 1)

The first year curriculum for the political science program is intended for people who have or are in the process of obtaining a BAC+3 (180 ECTS). The same applies to those with an equivalent foreign degree (humanities, legal, social, political, economic).

The entrance exam for thefirst year of the MSc in Political Science is open to all and is held online on the official HEIP website. Note that the HEIP campuses (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Rennes and London) have been fitted out to accommodate people with reduced mobility.

The2nd year of the MSc in International Relations (MSc 2)

Entry to the 2nd year of the MSc in International Relations is open to students who have or are in the process of obtaining a Bac+4. As a reminder, the Master 1 corresponds to 240 ECTS credits validated or in the process of validation. Holders of an equivalent diploma also have access to this course:

  • humanities ;
  • economics;
  • legal sciences ;
  • social sciences.

The objectives of this training

The MSc Political Science program allows students to specialize in their chosen field. Thanks to the theoretical courses and the professional internships carried out during the program, they will further develop their skills. All of this knowledge will be useful in building their professional career later on.

What are the opportunities after an MSc in Political Science?

Graduates of MSc Political Science or International Studies work in the public sector or for political parties. Some of them join international organizations to work in public relations, teaching or research. Graduates of this track typically become :

  • international association collaborators;
  • diplomats;
  • journalists specializing in politics:
  • its UNI political scientists…

Admission requirements for this MSc in Political Science

  • Training success rate

For MSc programs, the job insertion rate is within six months of graduation. It has been set at 83% in 2020.

  • Methods used

The courses (lectures and seminars) are given in French in small groups. Throughout the curriculum, students also participate in group work and correspondence courses followed by quarterly evaluations. The evaluation methods are based on a permanent control throughout the academic year and partial follow-ups at the end of the semester. Students must submit a thesis that they will present to a jury of professionals at the end of the program.

  • Stakeholders

The Graduate School of International and Political Studies (HEIP) constantly strives for excellence. To train the future political leaders who will change the world of tomorrow, the institution relies on lecturers and experts in the field of political science. Graduates of the MSc Political Science benefit from the advice and experience of professionals.

  • Fees for this MSc in International Relations

As far as pricing is concerned, you should expect to pay €9,200 to enter the first year of the MSc Political Science program, with an advance of €1,100 payable upon reservation. In addition, there are application fees (80 €) and the CVEC tax to be paid before the start of the school year (92 €).

Updated 12 March 2024