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The field of public affairs is important to the proper functioning of government. Thanks to its civil servants, the state is continuously developing. However, what is meant by public affairs? How to work in public affairs? What training do I need to do to work in this sector? What is a public affairs officer? What is his salary?

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What is public affairs?

Public affairs is the interaction between two complementary entities. They deal with the institutional relations between a particular organization such as a company or an association and the public power. Their objective is to help the company to value their principles and to make the legitimacy of their request understood by external decision makers.

This sector intervenes in the internal changes of a society such as the mutation of administrations and external changes such as the exchange of goods, territorial debates and financial changes as well as the digital mutation of government.

How to work in public affairs?

To work in public affairs, you must have at least 3 years of significant experience in a company, particularly as a public affairs consultant, project manager or public affairs manager.

What training do I need to do to work in public affairs?

The courses depend on your professional orientation. If you want to be a public affairs consultant, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in corporate communications or a degree in political science.

In case you aspire to become a manager in public affairs, a master’s degree in political science will be useful to apply.

What is a public affairs officer?

It is a civil servant with the skills and qualities necessary to manage the various interactions between an external organization such as an association and the company it supports.

The project manager monitors in detail the evolution of his company’s regulations and political calendar in order to offer new communication strategies. In addition, he negotiates the interests and values of the company with public decision-makers.

What are the day-to-day activities of a public affairs officer?

In addition to monitoring the legislative development of his company, he must :

  • to carry out projects in a prospective approach;
  • Segment public institutions and find decision-makers in order to expose the company’s interests and values;
  • study the company’s political calendar;
  • communicate project information to the team and management;
  • ensure the smooth running between the project, the commercial policy or the external regulations on the market;
  • Establish technical, financial and administrative files;
  • Synthesize the various data;
  • write analyses and requests for a sector.

How do I get to be a public affairs officer?

You must have a bachelor’s degree in business, political science or communication to become a public affairs officer. Significant experience in the industry is a strong asset.

What is the salary of a public affairs officer?

The salary of a public affairs officer depends on the level of experience and seniority. For this purpose, he earns €37,000 gross per year at the beginning of his career. After 5 years of service, he or she can earn €45,000 to €54,000 gross per year.

What are the career opportunities for a public affairs officer?

There are 7 professional opportunities:

  • public affairs coordinator;
  • Foresight and intelligence officer ;
  • economic development officer ;
  • chief of staff;
  • cabinet associate ;
  • institutional communication officer ;
  • European parliamentary attaché.

Does the HEIP School of Politics offer training to work in public affairs?

The School of Political Science and International Relations HEIP actually offers public affairs training. You can integrate the Mcs cycle or Master cycle to break into this sector. The program lasts 2 years. The objective of this Masterclass is to train young graduates who can take charge of various issues related to the management of the State.

The course offers 9 seminars to learn about public affairs. As the years go by, the student will move on to the practical side of the business. During these 2 years, he must practice the courses in alternation. There will be:

  • group tutorials;
  • correspondence courses ;
  • face-to-face courses;

We take to heart the accompaniment of our students in order to create a professional framework.

To enter the Mcs 1, you must have at least a BAC + 3 in literature or political science. To do this, you can take our Bachelor’s course.

The Bachelor’s program in political science

You will learn about all aspects of political science with our 3-year curriculum. During the first year, you will learn the fundamental principles of geopolitics, economics and law.

The second year focuses on different approaches to international relations and political science. As for the third year, we strongly encourage you to do your semester in London. In this way, you will have a different view of politics and international relations.

The tuition fee for the files is 70 €. We will ask you for a reservation deposit of 1100 € with 8100 €. You should pay 92 € at the beginning of the school year.

In order toaccess the MSc 2, you must have 240 ECTS in political science, international law, human relations and economics.

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Updated 12 March 2024