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Among the most coveted jobs in the political arena, the technical advisor’s job attracts particular attention. He works very closely with a politician or an elected official. It is a job of strategy and analysis. Thanks to the many advantages it offers, a multitude of young students are interested in it. We tell you about his role and his missions as well as the studies to undertake to become a technical advisor.

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What is a technical advisor?

A technical advisor is a professional who helps public institutions and other organizations make sound decisions. It usually occurs in the political context. A technical advisor’s job is to provide advice on how best to solve specific problems or challenges.

A technical advisor is a professional who assists a politician on technical issues, as well as policy advice. Often, they have experience in one or more relevant fields, such as economics, public policy or public service.

These experts offer their services to elected officials, political parties and sometimes to non-governmental organizations. Technical policy advisors work alongside senior policy makers and government officials. Other key players within a party or governmental organization may also use their services.

What are the missions of a technical advisor?

The political technical advisor contributes to the success of a politician. As a consultant, he is able to provide critical advice on a variety of issues. This may include campaign strategy, communication plans, survey data and legislation.

His role also includes advising on how to use various demographics, define a policy issue or political campaign. In addition, he or she is required to analyze data and understand trends. This helps build a strong relationship with politicians.

The technical advisor ensures that the employer has the best information to make decisions. This is true whether it is a campaign strategy for his riding or his party as a whole.

Qualities and skills needed to be a good technical advisor.

Technical policy advisors have knowledge that they draw on when advising a politician. In particular, he or she must have a good knowledge of the law. In addition to his technical skills, he must have managerial skills. He is organized and rigorous. A good reactivity is a considerable asset. He is required to make decisions quickly.

Technical policy advisors must be familiar with the latest policy analysis techniques. This allows them to provide an objective perspective on policy issues and strategies. An analytical mind and a spirit of synthesis are necessary for this profession.

Knowledge of foreign languages is also expected of the technical advisor. He/she must at least write and speak English fluently. Apart from that, he must be comfortable with computer tools and new technologies. Writing skills are essential for writing summary reports.

What are the benefits of being a technical consultant?

Like other responsible positions in the public service, the technical advisor profession offers many advantages. If you like to manage and deal with problems in order to provide solutions, this is the job for you. The main advantage is the fact of working as an advisor and right-hand man of an elected official. This provides privileges and a certain prestige.

On the other hand, the expertise of a technical advisor is in high demand in several areas. Therefore, it is easy to find a job in this field. Another advantage is the very motivating salary. He has strong skills that allow him to be rewarded generously.

The job of technical advisor is evolving and rewarding. You can change employers and work with more important people. This allows you to have more advantages.

Technical advisor: salary and career development.

A political technical advisor is a fairly well-paid executive. Salaries range from €65,000 to €130,000 per year.

In order to be qualified for this position, you need at least five years of experience working in politics, i.e., 3 years in related fields and two years as a consultant. This work can also be done on a freelance basis. The service is then paid between 1 000 € and 10 000 € depending on the field and skills.

Being qualified in several areas, the Technical Advisor position can evolve quickly. He has the possibility of becoming a project manager or head of a technical department. Alternatively, the option of becoming a consultant, by creating your own consulting firm, is also possible. Ambition for political office is within your reach as well.

What studies to become a technical advisor?

To become a technical advisor, you must attend a graduate school. You need at least a bachelor’s degree. Employers prefer candidates with a 5-year degree. This can be an asset. The training is available in initial or alternating courses. The HEIP school offers ideal courses of study to qualify for this position. These include:

  • International Relations and Political Science;
  • Strategic, Security & Defense Policy studies;
  • International Affairs & Sustainable Development.

With 120 years of experience, HEIP is training the best technical consultants of the future. The course is divided into 2 distinct cycles. There is the bachelor’s degree, accessible after the baccalaureate, and the MSc, accessible with a baccalaureate +3 years. The first one lasts 3 years and the second one, 2 years.

Updated 12 March 2024