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The government employs competent people to manage public actions such as elections. It is in this context that the political analyst intervenes, he is versatile and his missions are varied. They concern human rights, governmental strategy, political strategy and its trend. We give you more information about the job of a political analyst.

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What is a policy analyst?

Working in government, the political analyst studies power and everything related to political institutions. He works alongside political administrators to strengthen government policy.

Providing an operational planning strategy is one of the tasks assigned to him. It is responsible for finding solutions to political problems.

He is an expert in foreign affairs. It studies political ideologies, political trends and the evolution of the system. It also produces documentation as ordered by EMC and the Board of Governors. These documents are the result of the investigations he has previously carried out.

His other occupations include organizing executive events and meetings. He is responsible for establishing contacts with reliable sources in his research.

What are the missions of a political analyst?

A political analyst’s job is to analyze, monitor and predict political trends. Foreign affairs and political ideologies are his playgrounds.

It collects data from public sources, this is accomplished through elections or public opinion surveys. With his data, he makes a statistical analysis. He is required to study political speeches, political and social issues in order to understand them and find an effective strategy.

The incumbent/analyst has a feel for political, social and economic trends. The research results he offers raise public awareness and must meet the expectations of political regimes. He writes reports on what he discovers. Through the publication of the article and its presentations, it shares information.

The political analyst observes the current events in the government. Upstream, it closely follows international trends and developments. In no case, it intervenes on the change that the governors impose in the legislation.

Qualities and skills needed to be a good policy analyst.

To become a policy analyst, a good command of the English language is a must. Other languages can be an asset in your CV. You must be a person of integrity and dynamism with a good moral sense.

To do this work, you need an analytical and critical mind. A good capacity of adaptation allows to face all possible situations. Having a good pen helps you write reports and summaries.

You must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in political science and equivalent fields. As an analyst, you have an obligation to know the latest national and international news.

A solid knowledge of computers allows you to easily perform your work in the age of technology. Thus, youmust master the latestsoftware related to your field of activity. You need to use state-of-the-art search tools. In addition, competence in statistical analysis is required.

What are the benefits of being a policy analyst?

The benefits of being a policy analyst manager are:

  • a very convincing salary: you will receive an attractive salary even at an entry level;
  • a broad field of activity: you can work on a national or international scale;
  • versatility of tasks: you are never bored, the missions are diversified, you are in contact with people;
  • find a job without difficulty: the sector is not yet saturated, the demands are numerous;
  • The positions available in the sector are many and varied.

Political analyst: salary and career development.

The political analyst is paid per hour, on average 31 euros per hour. If we calculate the remuneration in years, a policy analyst can reach 60,444 euros per year.

For beginners, the salary is around 56,100 euros per year. Experienced workers earn more than 73 euros per hour. In a year, this amounts to approximately 73,560 euros. In this profession, the salary increases with experience. The employee may advance to higher positions based on seniority.

What studies to become a political analyst?

For a policy analyst, a doctorate or bachelor’s degree in a related field is essential. It can be political science, international business, political communication. That said, the former is the most common route into this profession.

In any case, you should choose a good school, this guarantees the quality of the teaching. At HEIP, you have the opportunity to study with the best. You can choose between 2 types of courses:

  • Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Science: it lasts 3 years. You can access it after obtaining your baccalaureate;
  • MSc: this is the Bac+5, the course lasts 2 years and admission is after a Bac+3.

For the MSc, the available tracks are:

  • the Strategic, Security and Defense Policy Studies program;
  • the International Business and Diplomacy program;
  • International Affairs and Sustainable Development;
  • the Public Affairs and Institutional Management program.
Updated 12 March 2024