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Round table with the Political and Parliamentary Review

HEIP and the Revue Politique et Parlementaire had the pleasure of organizing the presentation of the latest issue of R2P: Hello De Gaulle, hello! Wednesday, June 17, 2020 on the Paris campus of HEIP.

1st round table: The man, the verb, the memory

– Georges-Marc Benamou, writer and producer
– Hervé Gaymard, President of the Charles de Gaulle Foundation (to be confirmed)
– Jean Garrigues, historian, professor at the University of Orléans, President of the Parliamentary and Political History Committee
– Christian de Voogd, professor at Sciences Po, president of the Scientific and Evaluation Council of the Foundation for Innovation

2nd round table: Legacy and modernity of De Gaulle

– Eric Anceau, historian, Sorbonne University and SIRICE
– Régis Passerieux, professor at HEIP and director of the M2 Public Affairs & Institutions Management program
– Jérôme Sainte-Marie, political analyst and pollster, president of PollingVox
– Arnaud Teyssier, historian and senior civil servant, associate professor at the Ecole Normale Supérieure

Moderator : Arnaud Benedetti, editor-in-chief of the Revue Politique et Parlementaire, associate professor at Paris Sorbonne

On the occasion of this round table, some guests were kind enough to take part in the interview game, at the microphone of Arnaud Benedetti. Find the interviews of Christian de Voogd , Didier Maus , Jérôme Sainte-Marie , Arnaud Teyssier , Frédéric Tristram professor at HEIP , by clicking on their name!
This round table was broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Political and Parliamentary Review , and shared by the HEIP page .

Watch the event in video:

Updated 22 February 2022