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Discover the experience of Aidan (B3), back from a stay in South Korea

Aidan, you did a semester abroad , in South Korea. Tell us about your experience…

Why did you choose Keimyung University for your study trip?
The unknown, the distance and my curiosity pushed me there. But also a soft spot for East Asia.

What did you think of your experience from an academic point of view?

The academic level differs according to the subjects taught by the professors, as an international student, you must follow courses by English-speaking professors only. The social sciences and diplomacy section of Keimyung is rather famous for its difficulty. The Korean classes, on the other hand, are very effective.

How were you received and how did your integration go?

The students were not welcomed directly, the arrival on the peninsula is autonomous and we have to reach Daegu by our own means. Some, however, once there were helped by Korean “buddy’s” who were responsible for guiding us around the premises of the campus.

On the first day, we were brought together by the administration in an amphitheater in order to give optimal indications as to the progress of the semester. I personally didn’t take part in any activities (except the welcome and departure parties for exchange students or the cultural “Field Trips”), but there are many of them.

As a European, I naturally immediately got on well with them, who are also present on campus, once the extreme shyness of the Koreans has dissipated and a risky mastery of the language after a few weeks, you will like yourselves just as well in their company (or whether with other nationalities). Everything will depend on your English or your quality of socialization. Koreans are very hospitable people; in Korea life is sweet and one gets attached to it easily.

Budget-wise, Daegu is…

Life in Daegu is relatively inexpensive, dormitories are laughably accessible (financially speaking), everyday life is pleasant, and transportation is excellent. The only downside might be the price a bit food knives and utensils essential for extended stays.

What general comment can you make about your international mobility ?

To do without any hesitation whatsoever for personal enrichment, learning a language, experience and the creation of a professional and friendly network. A very rewarding experience.

What are your plans for the future?
For now, I allow myself some free time to think about it…

Updated 22 February 2022