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Like many French and foreign students wishing to pursue an international career, you want to opt for a master’s degree in international relations, but you know nothing about this training and what it entails. We give you more information.

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What is a master’s degree in international relations?

The Master’s in International Relations is a Master’s degree like any other, which takes 5 years to complete, but focuses on all subjects related to international relations. It allows students to study political science, diplomacy, international law and international communication. For all this, it has the particularity of being a multidisciplinary master’s degree. As a master’s degree, it is only accessible to you after a Bachelor’s degree.

In simple terms, the master’s degree in international relations is a course available at a university or a grande école. It is obtained in 2 years after your baccalaureate + 3 and involves both theoretical courses and practical work in a company.

The 1st year of the Master in International Relations (Master 1)

During the first year of the Master’s degree in International Relations, corresponding to the first year of the Master’s degree, the teaching will be more general. You will normally study all the basics of international relations, from international law to international communication and diplomacy, as well as languages, including English.

The2nd year of the Master in International Relations (Master 2)

After having studied all the subjects related to international relations in the first year of the Master’s program in order to master the subject in its entirety, you can turn to a specialization in the second year. Like the Master 1, this one is subdivided into 2 semesters during which you have to follow theoretical courses, do an internship and write a thesis.

The objectives of this training

The objectives of the master’s degree in international relations is to make you versatile in this field by mastering the major bases of the discipline. At the end of your training, you can occupy a position related to the international field, whether it is international trade, diplomacy or international law.

With a master’s degree in international relations, you also need to acquire excellent language skills with a requirement of at least English. Languages are among the most basic skills required in international relations.

What are the opportunities after a master’s degree in international relations?

Having a master’s degree in international relations can open doors to both a specialized master’s degree and to a stable and promising international career. The master’s degree in international relations, like all master’s degrees, is equivalent to a baccalaureate + 5 years of higher education. It can give you access to a specialized master’s degree for further training.

If you choose to go directly into the world of work, which is perfectly within your grasp with a master’s degree in international relations, you also have a wide choice. Among other things, you can become an international communications officer, a geopolitical analyst, an international lawyer or an international relations manager.

Admission requirements for this Master’s in International Relations

As this is a master’s degree, you are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree, i.e., a diploma at the bac + 3 level, to enter the master’s degree in international relations. Your degree should normally be in a related discipline of international relations, including law, international business, communication, journalism, or others.

You will need to consult the admission requirements of the international relations master’s program of the school you are considering. If you choose to study at HEIP, we invite you to go to our website to find all the information you need to register. We also have a FAQ section to answer your questions.

Opinions of former students on our Master in International Relations

Because of the high quality of the training we offer, HEIP receives many positive reviews from former students graduating from its Master’s in International Relations.

Methods used

HEIP’s methods for student success are undeniably effective. In addition to the theoretical courses and internships provided to make them more operational, we also push them to master many foreign languages in addition to English.


The lecturers recruited to teach at HEIP all have extensive experience in their field, so you can be sure to learn from the best.

Fees for this Master in International Relations

If you are French, the tuition fee is set at 9,200 euros per year for the MSc program. International students must provide an additional 490 euros.

Updated 12 March 2024