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The project manager, as his name indicates, is an expert in projects and pilots them from start to finish, i.e. from their development with the client, to their planning and delivery. Find out more about this profession in the following article.

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What is a project manager?

Also called project planner or project manager, the project manager is specialized in project management. To do this, he/she manages a team and ensures compliance with the work code and the regulatory framework of his/her field of activity.

To carry out his missions, he collects information, designs, plans, coordinates, executes and terminates projects. During all these steps, he makes it a point of honor to respect the deadlines and the allocated budget.

The project manager is the main contact between customers, suppliers and partners. It plays an important role in the company, as it is the cornerstone of any project.

What are the missions of a project manager?

The project planner, as it is also called, is able to evolve in various sectors of activity such as construction, information technology and communication, human resources or marketing.

Its main tasks are as follows:

  • assistance to clients in defining their needs;
  • Market research and competitive intelligence for the implementation of effective strategies during the project;
  • estimate of the time and budget required;
  • development of specifications ;
  • setting up the team organization ;
  • definition of the schedule and the main participants;
  • risk and issue assessment ;
  • selection of subcontractors;
  • organization of meetings…

Qualities and skills needed to be a good project manager

To become a project manager, specific technical skills are required depending on the sector of activity in which he or she evolves. It goes without saying that knowledge and perfect mastery of project management methods such as Agile, PRINCE2 or ITIL are essential. The same is true for management software, analysis software and technological tools.

As the head of a team, the project manager must have a good sense of leadership as well as proven managerial skills. Depending on each situation that may arise and its complexity, he must be able to find immediate and effective solutions to ensure the smooth running of the project. They must also be able to manage stress and act with diplomacy and tact. In addition to these qualities, you must have good interpersonal skills and be able to work under pressure and in a hurry.

What are the advantages of being a project manager?

As a project manager, the prospects for development and advancement are not negligible and it is one of the fields whose recruitment rate continues to increase each year. Many sectors of activity require the services of a project manager and these are in constant evolution. So, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert, you will always have a position corresponding to your aspirations and your career development prospects. The sectors that recruit project managers are construction, architecture, health insurance, industry and IT.

Project manager: salary and career development

A junior project manager can aspire to a gross salary of approximately € 2,400 per month. The latter will reach the €5,500 gross per month mark after a few years of experience. In any case, the salary of a project manager depends on the sector of activity and the size of the company that employs him. The remuneration for a project manager in architecture will not be the same as that of a project manager in IT for example.

In the course of his or her career, a project manager may become a project director, operations manager, project management assistance consultant, or method and tools manager. These positions may change depending on the industry.

Which studies to become a project manager?

There are several training courses available to access the profession of project manager. A student can take a Bachelor’s degree , which usually lasts three years. This course of study allows students to acquire fundamental knowledge related to the project management profession.

The mastery of foreign languages is also essential when you want to follow a bachelor’s degree. Some institutions may do an academic exchange in the third and final year and spend a semester at the foreign campus that is partnered with the institution.
An Msc cycle allows you to specialize and to build your professional project. It is during this cycle that you will develop your professional project. While there are some common core subjects, others relate to your specialization.

Updated 12 March 2024