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The communication manager plays a very important role within a company insofar as he/she implements all communication strategies in order to improve and develop the company’s reputation. To this end, he defines and implements different media by adapting them to his target audience. Do you want to become a communications officer? Read this article to find out all the details about this exciting job.

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What is a communications officer?

The communications officer acts as a spokesperson for a company. He is generally responsible for promoting and consolidating the reputation of the company for which he works. It must always convey a positive image that puts the company in the spotlight, in all its aspects.

The communication manager is also in charge of improving thevisibility of his company so that it can grow. He is in charge of the planning of the actions that are implemented.

What are the missions of a communication officer?

The communication manager intervenes in almost all the trades that exist within a company. This versatility stems from a variety of skills in many areas: print, digital, editorial, advertising, events, crisis communication, social media, public relations, press relations and internal communication.

In larger organizations, the communications manager is part of a specific department and is responsible for only one of the areas mentioned above. The other members take care of the other areas. This professional is generally under the aegis of a director who sets up the different communication strategies to be adopted. The communication manager is responsible for the design, writing and distribution of the various communication media. These include brochures, posters and newsletters. That’s why mastering graphic software is important.

In addition, he/she monitors budgets, negotiates with service providers and monitors the production of the various communication media. Having a good pen, he has the ability to reach all types of audiences. In fact, he is in charge of writing news briefs, press releases, and even speeches. This communications professional also handles relations with journalists.

On the event side, the communication manager takes care of the organization of the events, whether it be the design, the invitations or the logistics. The events organized can be breakfast meetings, conferences and trade shows.

Finally, the communication manager is in charge of the internet communication part of a company. During the previous missions, he ensures digital communication by writing content and updating websites. As he is responsible for social networks, he acts as a community manager.

Qualities and skills needed to be a good communications officer.

The communications officer, as mentioned earlier, must be an expert in each field. In addition to this versatility, you have a proven ability to listen. Since he/she must communicate continuously with other people, a taste for human relations is required.

Creativity, curiosity, organization, flexibility, pragmatism and the ability to work with a variety of people are among the skills required of a communications manager.

In a context of globalization of exchanges, the communication manager must be at least bilingual. Moreover, these days, an excellent knowledge of digital is an asset. To become a communication manager in today’s companies, you will need to master natural and paid referencing, e-mailing methods and online advertising.

What are the advantages of being a communications officer?

For those who like sedentary jobs, the job of communications officer is ideal. You will not have to travel frequently, except for events that are not held on site. As mentioned above, the communications manager may be in contact with several people. Thus, in addition to professional relationships, it is quite possible to establish friendships. It is one of the most socializing jobs there is.

Communication officer: salary and career development

The salary of a communications manager varies between 19,000 and 40,000 euros gross per year. This amount can change depending on the years of experience, the missions assigned or the sector of activity in which it evolves. The profile of a senior communications manager can earn a gross salary of more than 40,000 euros per year, or a monthly salary of 2,600 euros net.

In addition, the communication manager can evolve as a communication director or marketing director. This professional can work for a company or be self-employed. In this case, he will be responsible for a branch and will manage the client portfolio.

Which studies to become a communication manager?

Several institutions offer training to become a communications officer. In general, candidates for this position must have a minimum of 3 years of higher education. After graduating from high school, you can specialize in the field of communication and master certain disciplines such as marketing.
It is also possible to take a bachelor’s degree in communication. This training is popular with students because of the various advantages it provides. The student has the opportunity to continue his or her studies and to evolve in a professional environment. These work-study programs are one of the strengths of a bachelor’s degree.

Updated 12 March 2024