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Professional certification issued and blocks of skills

Professional certification of “Manager of Institutions and Public Affairs” level 7 (EU), NSF codes 300, 128 and 310, delivered by HEIP – MBA INSTITUTE, registered under the number 36306 in the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) by decision of France Compétences of 25/03/2022.

The objectives of the certification

The creation of the “Manager of Institutions and Public Affairs” certification aims to meet the skills needs of public management and institutions. This dynamic and large-scale sector is looking for professionals who are able to :

  • Master the techniques of evaluating a public policy;
  • Conducting prospective studies;
  • Conducting planning and/or territorial development projects;
  • To understand the administrative workings and institutional tools for transforming the administration of the French State;
  • Manage and lead a team, pilot human resources management offices (recruitment, organization, training plan and mobility management);
  • Use indicators and tools to monitor and measure a human resources policy;
  • Organize and manage the digital function by defining and implementing support functions;
  • To steer and accompany the change management within the framework of the law on the transformation of the public service, in particular;
  • Mastering public management and steering tools: accounting rules governing public expenditure and debt, management tools by objectives, cash flow monitoring, borrowing and debt management;
  • Build, implement and evaluate a public policy;
  • Master the legal obligations of communication and lobbying;
  • Develop a communication strategy, its plan, its tools and use social networks as an influence strategy.

Competence blocks

The professional certification allows the preparation of the following blocks of competences:

  • Define and manage projects and programs of public and territorial institutions
  • Manage human resources and develop skills within a department
  • Managing public budgets and finances
  • Manage the communication of a public institution
  • Evaluate and monitor public policies and projects

The certification is issued by capitalization of the totality of the blocks of competences. Each competency of a block must be validated to validate the block of competencies. Partial validation of a block is not possible.

Find all the competences targeted on the directory sheet on this link .

The targeted professions

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the different occupations that can be held by holders of the certification:

  • Public Affairs Manager;
  • Public Affairs Consultant;
  • Public Affairs Coordinator;
  • In charge of foresight and intelligence;
  • Economic Development Officer;
  • Chief of Staff;
  • Office assistant;
  • Corporate Communications Officer;
  • European Parliamentary Attaché;
  • European parliamentary assistant (assistant to the MEP);
  • Administrator of the Senate or the National Assembly.


The candidate must have a level 6 (or equivalent) qualification or certification, i.e. 180ECTS, validated in the following areas

  • International relations;
  • Political Science of Public Administration;
  • International law ;
  • Public Law;
  • Political and geopolitical sciences;
  • And the economy.


This certification is accessible through the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE).

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Updated 5 August 2022