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Whether you are in your final year of high school or have already obtained a bachelor’s degree, whether you live in Paris, Lille, Montauban, London or Kathmandu, there is always a suitable solution for applying to HEIP!

Candidates can enter HEIP in the Bachelor’s or MSc cycle. The terms and conditions differ according to the level of integration chosen as well as the registration fees.

The admission tests concern all campuses (Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux) and are held online.

Candidates residing outside of France have specific admission procedures.

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    Enrollment in the first cycle of International Relations and Political Science at HEIP is open to holders of a BAC, BAC+1 and BAC+2 diploma and allows them to enter a program leading to a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Science equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree.

    The MSc degrees awarded by HEIP are a very interesting option for those with a BAC+3.

    Updated 12 March 2024