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School of Political Science and International Relations

A pioneering school in the fields of political science and international relations, the school offers high-level training based on the excellence of its faculty and its teaching methods.

8 reasons to join HEIP!

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For the MSc, the rate of integration into employment is 83% and is done within 6 months after graduation (year 2020).

The career paths of our graduates are living illustrations of the potential and quality of studies at HEIP.

HEIP welcomes 223 international students from its partner universities throughout the year to its main campus in Paris.

HEIP emphasizes the international outlook of its students. They can do 1 semester in London and 1 semester in a foreign partner university.

HEIP is a state-recognized school that delivers a Bachelor’s degree equivalent to a public university diploma (licence). We also deliver an MSc degree with a level 7 RNCP title.

HEIP is part of the OMNES Education group, which offers the possibility of opening up to other courses, completing a double degree, benefiting from a wide network and participating in joint civic engagement programs.

HEIP is present on 4 campuses: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and London. Students will be welcomed in modern facilities adapted to new learning techniques.

HEIP has a very rich community life. Humanitarian, defense, public speaking, oenology, journalism … there is inevitably an association adapted to your desires.

Updated 5 May 2022