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International Organizations and the United Nations

The students of M1 “International Relations and Diplomacy” in the course of Mrs. M. B. B. Pamela Torres, professor of “International Organizations” at HEIP organized a few days ago a simulation of the United Nations model.

Within the framework of the “International Organizations” subject, the students enrolled in the Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy played the role of several delegations from UN member states, various international organizations, international NGOs and civil society initiatives. Following the rules and procedures of the United Nations, they simulated during 3 consecutive days a multilateral negotiation on “The refugee crisis in Europe” within the United Nations agency UN.GIFT.

It was an opportunity for the students to take part in a diplomatic negotiation to find concrete solutions on a global issue such as the protection of refugee rights in Europe. In addition, they experienced public speaking and made remarkable statements in defense of their national and institutional positions. This MUN Simulation was a way for M1 students to put into practice their lectures on “International Organizations and the United Nations“. They experienced a multilateral negotiation, representing different actors that make part of world politics, they became familiar with the rules and procedures international bureaucracies use to achieve their goals, but most importantly, they were able to demonstrate their diplomatic skills to put forward international cooperation and dialogue.

This MUN simulation could finally be carried out face-to-face, which was not the case for the previous edition which was remote because of the health crisis.
You will find in the link below a report, written by our students, on these 3 days of simulation.

Updated 29 March 2022