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“The City of Debates”: HEIP, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Internationales et Politiques organizes an event in the framework of the presidential campaign

HEIP, in partnership with the Revue Politique et Parlementaire and OpinionWay, is organizing a series of Rencontres-Débats on March 9, 2010, which will allow the viewpoints of leading political figures and analysts to be shared.
Five key moments of exchange for one ambition: to bring to life the citizen debate around the main issues that will shape the future of our country and to put forward the voice of the youth.

An obvious choice for HEIP, Ecole de la Cité

In the year of the presidential election, HEIP, a pioneering school of international relations and political science, had to organize an event that would resonate with this great moment of civic debate.

A program that will be rich in exchanges

For one month, HEIP will bring the citizen debate to life through 5 meetings that will take place within the school and that will give a large part to the expression of the student youth.
The debates will be organized in the form of round tables of 1h30 with 45 minutes of exchanges and 45 minutes of questions and answers.

On the program of this event:
March 9at 4:00 p.m.: What republican model for tomorrow? with Manuel Valls, former Prime Minister and Dominique Schnapper, sociologist, former member of the Constitutional Council
March 18at 4pm: What ambition for France on the international scene? with André Kaspi, professor emeritus at the Sorbonne and Marc Endeweld, investigative journalist, author of “L’Emprise” (Seuil)
March 25at 4:00 pm: Russia, partner or adversary, tomorrow? with Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, perpetual secretary of the Académie française (to be confirmed) and Alexandre Adler, historian, specialist in geopolitics
April 1 at 4:00 p.m.: What growth model for tomorrow? with Jacques Attali, economist, President of Planet Finances and François-Xavier Bellamy, philosopher, European deputy
April 8at 4:00 pm: What cohesion of territories for tomorrow? with Emmanuel Todd, anthropologist and David Djaïz, essayist, teacher at Sciences Po.

These 5 meetings-debates, moderated by Arnaud Benedetti (Editor-in-Chief of La Revue Politique et Parlementaire) and Alexis Lacroix (Editorial Director of Actualité juive and essayist) will be broadcasted online.

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Updated 1 March 2022