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Studying with disabilities within the OMNES Education Group .

Within all OMNES Education schools, efforts are constantly made to improve the quality of reception for students with disabilities. As part of its social and environmental approach, equal opportunities and education for all are essential rights that the OMNES Education Group. wishes to defend for all its students.

The primary desire of OMNES Education. is not only to facilitate the access of disabled students to higher education, but also to offer them daily working comfort that allows them to devote themselves to their studies in complete peace of mind.

Aware that it is not always easy to talk about one’s disability outside the private context, and that the disability is not always visible, OMNES Education. makes every effort to allow the student to be in the best conditions, of confidence and discretion, to confide in about his disability.

The disability can be temporary or permanent. In all cases, solutions exist and students have the possibility of being accompanied. To begin these steps, students must contact the disability referent.


Each of the schools in the OMNES Education group. has a disability referent. This person is the privileged interlocutor who will allow the implementation of a personalized support system for the student.

The disability referent plays the role of relay between students with disabilities and the different entities that make up the school. It welcomes students and accompanies them throughout their training. Its missions: to inform, advise, set up means of compensation, help in finding internships, etc.

To be able to benefit from adapted and personalized accommodation and support, the student must imperatively contact the handicap referent of his school:

  • – By going directly to his office
  • – Through a member of the school teams (teacher, director of studies, etc.)
  • – By finding your referent and his e-mail address via the list below:
Updated 22 February 2022