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The grand finale of the UNICEF Speech Contest

Relive this great public speaking event.
The 2021 edition of the grand final of the UNICEF eloquence contest took place on Tuesday April 6 in a reduced committee on the HEIP campus. The final took place face-to-face in a very small committee and was broadcast live on Facebook . In collaboration with the organizing teams of the Campus ICP association (Catholic Institute of Paris) and Unicef SONU (Sorbonne), the HUMA HEIP and Oratores Universitatis associations participated in the organization of this inter-university event.
On the subject “Like father, like son”, the representatives of the eleven prestigious Parisian universities were able to speak, and dazzle us with their talent. We will no doubt remember the performances of our 3 winners:

Jérôme Hein representative of the ICP in first position

Foucault Monteux of ESCP in second place

Océane Manouan from Nanterre in third position

Before a jury composed of:
– Mrs. Claire Brisset, former children’s advocate and director of information at UNICEF and President of the jury
– Maître Pascal Cussigh, lawyer at the Paris Bar for 25 years
– Mr. Olivier Echappe, Knight of the Legion of Honor and Order of Merit and Professor of Constitutional and Criminal Law
– Anastasia Guillien, 5th year student at Sciences Po Bordeaux, Mirabeau Prize 2020 and secretary of the FFDE

The level was high, and the students dazzlingly talented. They all knew how to please, instruct and move behind the desk at Eiffel 1. This final will remain, a little more than the others, particularly significant in a year where the students expressed immense suffering. It was therefore an honor to have allowed this reception with all the necessary organizational constraints, to give voice to young people and fully enjoy the art of eloquence.

“It was a source of pride to have been able to guarantee the face-to-face holding of this final by the provision of our premises by HEIP in these complex times. By allowing associative events of this scale to be held, our school has demonstrated its support for the student initiative!” Iman Mapakou, President HUMA HEIP

Message from Victor Gaimard, 1st year student and HEIP representative during the final.

“If today I stand before you, it is not only because I am driven by a desire to plead equality; but it is above all because I am lucky”.

It is with these words that my speech for the UNICEF France inter-branch grand finale began.

After ten candidates already passed and a stress which was only growing, I finally climbed the stage and found myself standing in front of a desk, standing in front of a jury. The seven minutes that followed were then the culmination of a competition that had actually started much earlier… In fact, three weeks earlier had taken place the internal pre-selections which saw about fifteen students of all ages and backgrounds compete against each other. year of study, and whose objective was to know which of us would represent HEIP during the grand finale. With a great organization, incredible performances and an exceptional jury, the final was already promising! During this final, I was there to defend a cause that was close to our hearts, but also to represent my school, each participant representing and defending his own. The first year student that I am then represented HEIP against masters students representing the Sorbonne, the ICP or even Assas. And I have to admit, it’s pretty impressive! In total, 11 schools, 11 students gathered that evening for a common passion: eloquence. So yes I was lucky, we were lucky. The chance not only to participate in this incredible opportunity given to us, but also the chance to have it face-to-face and not remotely. Effectively the oratorical art is not the same when his audience is in front of a computer, or in a lecture hall! Playing at home, I didn’t bring the cup home this time. But it is this inevitable passion for eloquence cultivated at HEIP, and this incredible experience that can only make me want to say “next time”!

Thanks to the participation of UNICEF branches, 216 emergency food bars and 200 vaccines against neonatal tetanus were purchased

If you feel like it, here is the link to watch the final again!

Updated 22 February 2022