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HEIP Lyon is campaigning

This year, the students of HEIP Lyon are taking part in a major exercise: carrying out a (fictional) presidential campaign. The presidential elections coming in a few months, it is interesting to set up this challenge allowing students to understand the issues and the work of an electoral campaign.

Divided into 12 teams, the 180 students from 1era and 2th year each represent a political party, while some embody the role of media correspondents for the entire duration of the exercise.From September 27 to 1st of October and accompanied by seven coaches, our students thus began the first stage of the long road that will lead them to the election, scheduled for December. The opportunity for them to meet the members of their parties and assign a position to each. During this first week, their mission was also to elect the head of their party’s list. A crucial step since this person will be the candidate who will represent their party.

The students also reflected together on the creation of a logo and a slogan to represent their party. A time during which the students got to know each other and shared their ideas. It was also a question of establishing, for the weeks to come, their strategy and the way in which they will go about achieving their goal: winning the elections!

Updated 22 February 2022