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In the administrative field, there are many indispensable positions. We find the job of administrative manager. Also known as an administrative manager, this person manages and directs administrative operations. Zoom on this exciting job.

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What is an administrative manager?

The administrative manager is a fundamental position in a company. This is a position of great responsibility. The manager takes care of the overall administrative management. He is the first person in charge of the entire administrative department. It administers all the documents of the institution.

Generally, the position is attached to finance. The position was then named administrative and financial manager. In this case, he also manages the treasury, performs accounting operations and conducts financial management.

The Administrative Manager overseesadministrative, general and operational services. It monitors the progress of services. Supervising team members and managers is part of his responsibilities. It is his duty to ensure the smooth running of the company as a whole. It analyzes weaknesses and finds corrective solutions. It gathers the data on a dashboard.

He is a member of the Executive Committee. The administrative manager advises the general management and proposes solutions for improvement. He wears several helmets. He/she holds the role of manager, advisor, negotiator and supervisor. In addition, he/she establishes a budget strategy for his/her department and ensures that it is respected.

What are the missions of an administrative manager?

The administrative manager carries out many missions within a company:

  • he leads the administrative management;
  • it manages the administrative operations;
  • It monitors and ensures the storage of important documents;
  • it finds a new strategic direction to help management;
  • It manages the institution’s partnerships and commitments;
  • it follows up on estimates, orders and invoices: this is done using dashboards;
  • monitors and reports on progress;
  • It conducts studies and analyses of each service to determine the obstacles;
  • it finds solutions to improve services;
  • it initiates solutions to improve performance;
  • he keeps a close eye on the treasury;
  • it is concerned with interviews, training and recruitment;
  • He establishes the minutes in case of necessity;
  • He controls the insurance and manages the litigation of his company.

Qualities and skills needed to be a good administrative manager

Personal qualities

A good administrative manager should have the following qualities:

  • a good sense of responsibility, a person who assumes his tasks;
  • good interpersonal skills;
  • a strong capacity of adaptation, to be at ease with each situation;
  • self-confidence, it is important to make quick decisions;
  • Good organizational skills, to avoid stress and clutter during working hours;
  • an authority, to be able to give orders and to lead;
  • the ability to work under pressure, you have to be tenacious to do this kind of job;
  • versatility, the tasks are varied, you must master several subjects;
  • rigorous and efficient: these are two important qualities for managing the company’s cash flow;
  • be at ease with negotiation, he negotiates contracts in banks, with shareholders and collaborators.

Technical skills

The skills needed to be an administrative manager are:

  • mastery of office automation tools, for an administrative manager, using important software is mandatory;
  • the ability to manage, it is an essential disposition;
  • a good command of English and impeccableFrench;
  • Proficiency in other foreign languages is an asset;
  • solid knowledge of finance and cost accounting;
  • knowledge of tax and corporate law;
  • administrative management capacity.

What are the advantages of being an administrative manager?

Being an administrative manager offers many advantages. The salary of an administrative manager is very attractive. In addition to this, the company offers privileges such as a personal office, a parking space and good social security coverage. In this business, there is no room for routine. The job is multidisciplinary. Each day, the missions assigned change according to the objectives.

Moreover, you have the possibility of working for the company of your choice and the sector of activity that suits you. The opportunities are numerous due to the high demand. It is a good alternative to build a good career. There are good prospects for development.

Administrative manager: salary and career development.

For an experienced worker with decades of experience, the salary is between 60,000 and 90,000 euros gross per year. An administrative manager with five to seven years of expertise earns between 40,000 and 55,000 euros gross in one year.

This is a very progressive job. You can consider reaching higher positions in management, such as corporate secretary. It is possible to become a general manager with a lot of perseverance. You have the opportunity to work for audit firms and share your expertise.

Which studies to become an administrative manager?

The job of administrative manager is accessible after appropriate training at a specialized college. Among the best, there is the HEIP or École des Hautes Études Internationales et Politiques. You can choose between the Bachelor’s program or the MSc. There is an initial training and a sandwich training, with a choice of two options. The latter is ideal for people in career transition or employees seeking a higher position.

For the channels, you can choose between :

  • the International Strategy & Economic Development program in partnership with ESCE;
  • the International Business & Diplomacy program in partnership with ESCE.
Updated 12 March 2024