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M1 students organize a United Nations Model Simulation

Mrs Pamela Torres, professor of “International Organizations” at HEIP, organized a United Nations Model Simulation with her students.

Organization of Americas States (OAS) Simulation, on Friday June 11th, 2021

Chairperson : Ghali Tanji

Secretariat : Feterika Setu-Galo

Organizing Committee : Norah Al Shabeb (together with Chair and Secretariat)

Under the guidance of Professor Pamela Torres, the students were given the opportunity as part of the International Organizations subject to choose a multilateral organization and topic to address in a lively simulation.
The Organizing Committee proposed three different topic options and subsequently the class voted to address the following; ‘The Impact of Natural Resources Exploitation on the Forced Displacement of Indigenous People’.
The OAS Simulation was conducted via a hybrid format with five students participating online and eight students attending on campus. Prior to the simulation, each student selected a country to represent and was required to submit a ‘Position Paper’ regarding the strategic position of their Member State on the overall topic as well as identifying potential allies and opposition. This paper also provided the foundation to various arguments and the potential policies and resolutions each Member State would be pursuing during the simulation.

To commence the simulation, the Organizing Committee prepared the following sub topics to initiate discussions and debates; The Deforestation of Amazonia and the Protection of the Environment, Overexploitation of Natural Resources and the Protection of the Indigenous Rights and Culture.

Whilst all the delegations had prepared several arguments and statements, the nature of the simulation provided the platform to improvise due to unexpected accusations, change of position and unforeseen circumstances. It was a great opportunity for students to simultaneously practice diplomatic speeches, formulate coalitions and develop strategies and solutions in a multilateral environment.

As a result of the negotiations that took place within this Simulation, a new OAS Resolution was developed and adopted by all Member States with a focus on Health, Raising Awareness including the Active Participation of the Community and lastly Sustainability.

Updated 22 February 2022