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Want to expand your knowledge and build your resume? Do you want to be among the best in a specific field and get the job of your dreams more easily? Opting for a specialized Master’s degree is an excellent alternative. Find out everything you need to know about the Specialized Master’s courses.

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What is a specialized Master?

The specialized Master’s degree is an “additional” to the Master’s degree, which makes a huge difference in your CV at the time of a recruitment. As the name suggests, this one-year certification program allows you to specialize in a particular field, so that you can become a professional in it and gain skills and expertise.

Unlike the Master’s degree, which corresponds to a level of study at Bac + 5, the specialized Master’s degree is the equivalent of a Bac + 6. During the additional 12 and sometimes 24 months of study to master your specialization, you not only have theoretical studies to do, but also a few months of internship in a company.

In general, the specialized Master’s degree is much more professional than a Master’s degree, in addition to belonging to the graduate cycle. The Master’s degree is a second cycle degree, while the specialized Master’s degree offers athird cycle training.

Who is the Specialized Master’s program for?

French students and professionals with a bachelor’s degree are eligible for the specialized Master’s program. This is also open to foreign students who want to join a French company. In addition, unlike the Master’s degree, the Specialized Master’s degree is offered in the grandes écoles.

Why do a specialized Master?

Doing a specialized Master’s degree is undeniably beneficial to obtain a position in a well-defined sector that requires a specialized knowledge of the field. There are several reasons to be aware of.

First of all, it was the companies that set up the specialized Master’s degree in order to correct the lack of experience and expertise of new recruits. This is one of the main reasons why they tend to give preference to graduates of specialized Master’s programs when recruiting.

Secondly, the training itself is very advantageous. By deciding to do a specialized Master’s degree, you have the opportunity to acquire new theoretical knowledge focused on a specific field. To complete your training, a few months internship in a company is required to initiate you.

At the end of your training, you are expected to be operational in a closely related position. Any recruiter can usually tell from your resume that you are a good candidate and it is up to you to prove yourself. The Specialized Master’s degree greatly contributes to broadening your network, which is a huge asset for your career development.

The most important thing is of course to choose the right specialized Master’s degree and a good school that offers it. At Heip, for example, we have a wide range of courses, including Political Science and International Relations. Following these, you are professional and operational in your field.

What are the differences between a specialized Master’s degree and a professional Master’s degree?

If we refer to the professional character of the training, the specialized Master’s degree is as interesting an option as a professional one. However, there are some glaring differences between the courses they offer that are essential to know.

On the one hand, the professional Master’s degree is the second type of Master’s degree offered as a national degree alongside the research or academic Master’s degree. Unlike the latter, which offers a more general education aimed at research, the Professional Master’s degree is more professional.

Indeed, the professional Master’s program aims to make students more operational and ready to enter the world of work. If you want to have a bachelor’s degree and are sure that you want to work directly after your training, the professional Master’s degree is an excellent choice. As you can see, this is agraduate-level university program.

Like an academic Master’s degree, the professional Master’s degree is obtained after 5 years of study, i.e. 2 years after a Bachelor’s degree. The training includes 300 hours of classes and involves a long internship of about 6 months, at the end of which you must write a thesis.

On the other hand, the specialized Master is a 3e cycle and is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree + 6 years. To access it, you must first have a diploma and/or a Master’s degree. Unlike the professional Master’s degree, the specialized Master’s degree is offered in the Grandes Écoles, and it was the CGE or Conférence des Grandes Écoles that created it.

The specialized Master’s degree is designed to complete your initial training in a particular field. It gives you the opportunity to develop your skills in a related position. Even if you are a professional, you can still opt for a specialized Master’s degree.

HEIP’s specialized Masters

Want to make the right choice of school to attend? HEIP offers Specialized Master’s courses in various cities in France, including Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. For more information, we invite you to visit our website and access our FAQ section, if needed. You can also choose the field of your choice in which to become a professional. Among others, you can choose between international affairs and sustainable development, diplomacy, public affairs and institutional management, and political communication and influence.

Updated 12 March 2024