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Knowing everything about the Public Affairs Consultant job helps you understand and identify the requirements of the job. In order to mediate between the client and the decision makers, you need to have a strong background in various fields. Before making your choice, discover here all the information related to this profession.

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What is a Public Affairs Consultant?

A public affairs consultant is a professional who often works with companies or organizations to provide expertise on specific issues. This consultant is often seen as the representative of a client’s objective. Indeed, the public affairs consultant uses all means to persuade organizations and decision-makers to implement the regulations according to the client’s wishes.

But this professional also takes care of the negotiation with the parties who are potentially in conflict of interest with the client.

What are the missions of the Public Affairs Consultant

The missions of a Public Affairs Consultant are multiple:

  • to ensure a legislative and regulatory watch;
  • Protecting the interests and needs of the client by pursuing all avenues to achieve a favorable outcome for the client;
  • Provide strategic communication advice to the client;
  • design tools and implement lobbying campaigns;
  • Maintain relationships with government agencies;
  • organize contacts (debate, argumentative dialogue) with public authorities and accompany the client;
  • conduct a political negotiation ;
  • influence legislators to achieve desired outcomes;
  • apply diplomatic principles to conduct negotiations in the event that they are related to representatives of different countries;
  • coordinate information flows;
  • ensure the management of the media and the press;
  • Examine in detail the effectiveness of previous activities and how the client is viewed by policy makers, legislators and others.

Why become a Public Affairs Consultant?

Becoming a Public Affairs Consultant allows you to work outside the box. The working day of this consultant is often divided between institutional monitoring and active lobbying campaigns. This allows him not to remain locked within the four walls of his office, even at the beginning of his career. He also has the opportunity to attend debates, different political seminars, and also party conferences.

The job of Public Affairs Consultant is fulfilling. He can establish and develop a relationship with decision makers, influencers and other political actors.

But the profession of Public Affairs Consultant also offers a multitude of opportunities. In addition to working in a policy consulting firm, various companies and organizations also require the services of a Public Affairs Consultant.

What does a Public Affairs Consultant earn?

The salary of a Public Affairs Consultant depends primarily on the size of the firm in which he or she works. But the location of the firm can also have an impact on the rate that the firm can charge, and therefore on the salaries of the consultants who work there. Consultants working in the Paris area often earn much more than those working in other regions.

In general, when starting out, a Public Affairs Consultant earns between €2,500 and €3,000 gross per month.

What are the educational requirements for becoming a Public Affairs Consultant?

Studying in a school of political science and international relations is a must for becoming a Public Affairs Consultant

The Public Affairs Management and Institutions program offered by HEIP is ideal for acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to practice this and so many other policy-related professions. It is a program designed to develop successful executives who are able to advocate on behalf of their clients to politicians and legislators.

The MSc Political Science and Public Affairs program offered by HEIP enables holders of the certification to effectively practice the profession of Public Affairs Consultant. With a better understanding of politics and a thorough knowledge of communications, those who graduate from this program are able to offer strategic and sound advice to their clients.

It should be noted that the two programs mentioned are sanctioned by an RNCP certification.

What career paths can a Public Affairs Consultant take?

In general, young graduates who work as Public Affairs Consultants first work in an agency or firm to gain experience. The possibility of creating one’s own agency or consulting firm is therefore the first professional evolution with this profession.

But the profession of Public Affairs Consultant can also become a springboard to other high responsibility positions in the Public Service, for example.

Updated 12 March 2024