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Are you detail-oriented, honest, honest and ambitious? Do you want to reach an important position within a public or private structure? Are you even considering working in the international field? Pursue a career in law. To learn more about the job of Legal Advisor, read this article.

In summary:

The job of legal advisor:

  • Recruiting within numerous public, private and international structures.
  • Implies being a good lawyer and knowing international law well.
  • Can be accessed with, at least, a diploma of bac + 5.
  • Can be prepared at a school of political science and international relations.

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What is a Legal Advisor?

The job of legal advisor implies that you are a legal professional. You are then responsible for ensuring that the missions organized within the structure for which you work comply with the regulations in force. You may have to ensure this monitoring within a private company, in the public sector, or at the international level.

Depending on the entity you want to offer your services to, you are required to excel in the field. If it is international in scope, you must be a specialist in international law.

What are the missions of the Legal Adviser?

The missions of a legal advisor are numerous. Among the most important ones, we can mention the following.

  • you are in charge of making legal analyses at the request of the executives;
  • you advise them on various legal issues as needed;
  • You will be responsible for drafting and correcting complex agreements such as trade agreements and memorandums;
  • You participate in the implementation of an effective risk management strategy.

Why become a legal advisor?

There are many good reasons to become a Legal Counsel. The first is that it is a prestigious and rewarding profession. Whether you work in the public or private sector, it is always rewarding and contributes to the evolution of your country’s relations with foreign countries.

If you are good at foreign languages and know English well, you can have an international career. The job of legal advisor can indeed contribute to creating and expanding your network.

What is the salary of a legal advisor?

When you become a legal consultant, your salary may vary depending on many parameters. These include your education, skills, seniority and experience. When you start out, you can earn about 33,000 euros per year. However, over the years, you can earn up to more than 40,000 euros per year for the same position.

What are the educational requirements to become a Legal Advisor?

To become a legal advisor, the ideal is of course to do a training in Law. There are also other branches that teach this field in addition to others that you can use to work as a legal consultant. To prepare yourself, join HEIP, a school of political science and international relations.

Visit our site to find all the programs that teach law in more depth. If you need additional information, especially on admission procedures, you can also go to the FAQ section of the site.

To become a legal advisor, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree. You can, for example, start with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations & Political Science at HEIP. Then, you can choose an MSc in Strategic Studies , Security & Defense Policy.

What career paths can a legal advisor take?

The job of legal advisor is already a job with great responsibilities. That said, with more experience and by acquiring the right skills, you can eventually move on to other trades. In particular, you can progress to the position of legal manager or even legal director.

Also, your career evolution may relate to the integration of a larger structure. You can indeed work as a legal consultant at the international level if you are good in foreign languages.

Updated 12 March 2024