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A corporate affairs manager is a strong link in a company. Indeed, it is a real advisor in terms of logistics and internal relations. It establishes communication strategies with the4th estate and creates institutional relationships with internal partners. Discover the 5 most important points of the job.

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What is a Corporate Affairs Officer?

A corporate affairs manager is an official who oversees, directs, advises and brings ideas for a business to an institution.

What are the duties of the Institutional Affairs Manager?

An institutional affairs officer must:

  • plan meetings between company executives and public decision-makers;
  • Establish partnerships with local and regional authorities;
  • Build institutional relationships with internal partners;
  • to carry out a parliamentary watch on relevant topics of the company or institutional relations;
  • Establish a communication strategy with the media and the press;
  • advise company representatives.

Why become a Corporate Affairs Manager?

Large companies are looking for your services to ensure continuity of their work and development in the area of corporate relations.

As one of its main roles is to establish a relationship between various internal and external partners, a company must rely on the skills of the latter to impact the hearts of the public as well as external decision makers.

How much does a Corporate Affairs Manager earn?

An institutional affairs manager receives a salary of €85,086.

What are the educational requirements for becoming a Corporate Affairs Officer?

To become a corporate affairs manager, you must have at least a BTS in communications, public relations or management. Having a degree in political science or public affairs is a considerable asset.

In addition, HEIP offers training in public affairs and political science. You can follow the Bachelor’s program and continue with the MSc 1 Political Science program.

The Bachelor of International Relations and Political Science program

The Bachelor’s programallows you to become familiar with international relations, political science, law, economics, geopolitics and geo-economics.

The program lasts 3 years. The first year focuses on the basics and the various applied methods of the geopolitical, legal and economic environment. You will attend 19 courses, including constitutional and institutional political law, history of international relations and public speaking.

The second focuses onthe methodological foundations of international relations and political science. As in the first year, you will take 19 courses, including economic law, economics and international finance as well as modern languages.

The third year allows you to consolidate your knowledge acquired during these two years. We encourage you to take a semester abroad to get a different perspective on international relations. You have the choice of doing your semester in France or in London. Your Bachelor’s year consists of core courses, tutorials, correspondence courses, seminars and face-to-face courses.

The Bachelor’s degree program requires a bachelor’s degree with an HGGSP specialization.

The MSc 1 Public Affairs and Political Science program

The MSc 1 cycle allows you to understand and master the political and institutional basics. The program lasts 1 year. During this year, you will attend 15 intensive courses, such as political news analysis, parliamentary life and contemporary political theory. At the same time, your course will be marked by lectures, practical work and face-to-face classes. At the end of the year, you will have a research paper to complete.

The MSc1 cycle welcomes holders of a Bachelor’s degree in humanities, law, social sciences, politics or economics.

The MSc 2 Public Affairs and Institutional Management program

You can integrate the Mcs cycle or Master cycle to break into this sector. The program lasts 2 years. The objective of this Masterclass is to train young graduates who can take charge of various issues related to the management of the State.

The student will attend 9 seminars to learn about public affairs. Over the years, he will move on to practice according to his sector of activity. During these 2 years, the student must practice the courses in alternation.

To integrate the Mcs 2, the student must be validated in the following areas

  • international relations ;
  • political science of public administration ;
  • international law ;
  • public law ;
  • political and geopolitical sciences.

What career paths can an Institutional Affairs Manager take?

With years of experience, a corporate affairs manager may move into a position of :

  • policy officer ;
  • institutional communication officer ;
  • administrator of the Senate or the National Assembly ;
  • attaché/parliamentary assistant ;
  • in charge of foresight and intelligence.
Updated 12 March 2024