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As part of the public service field, the Chief of Staff is an important position. Indeed, he works alongside political figures. He takes on various responsibilities, as he is versatile. In full expansion, this career choice interests more and more young students and people in retraining. We talk to you about its missions, its qualities and skills as well as the studies to undertake to become one.

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What is a Chief of Staff?

The Chief of Staff is a senior public service executive who works on behalf of a politician. The latter may be the President, the Minister, a Member of Parliament, a Senator or the Mayor. As a leader, he or she directs the staff of a departmental office to carry out all its activities. He coordinates and manages projects.

He is also the first advisor to the Minister. He is responsible for liaising between his ministerial office and that of the Prime Minister. This person supports and accompanies the minister in the exercise of his or her ceremonial and especially political functions. To do this, he organizes his travels, his appointments and his agenda.

The Chief of Staff has a solid knowledge of French politics and its functioning. The selection of the person for this position is the responsibility of the Minister.

What are the missions of a chief of staff?

The chief of staff’s main mission is to coordinate the activities of a political figure. He works on his personal agenda, with the help of the cabinet director. His other tasks revolve around. It performs tasks such as:

  • logistics of activities: it is his responsibility to schedule the various trips of the Minister. He takes care of the important appointments and organizes them in the agenda;
  • mail management: he receives important mail, sorts it and forwards it in order of urgency;
  • assistance in policy matters: provides analysis and reports to assist the Minister in his work;
  • monitoring of ongoing projects: he makes sure that everything is going according to plan;
  • Supervision: this is part of his activity, he manages his secretaries and supervises their work.

Qualities and skills needed to be a good chief of staff.

The Chief of Staff is a policy expert, familiar with political issues and current events. To do his job properly, he must be a rigorous and organized person. This allows him to correctly prioritize information. He is detail-oriented and therefore has a good sense of synthesis.

Communication techniques and press relations are part of his skills. He is a good listener and a good contact with people. It is the first contact for the press. The chief of staff must have a neat and impeccable image to avoid any form of inconsistency.

Because he works with a prominent political figure, he is bound by confidentiality and discretion. The mastery of the English language is an additional quality. This can work in his favor.

What are the advantages of being a chief of staff?

The position of Chief of Staff is available in an unsaturated sector. There are many applications, which makes it easier to find a job when you finish your studies. Other benefits of being a chief of staff include:

  • versatility of activities: operations and missions vary greatly, the job is very dynamic;
  • an exciting job: for someone who is passionate about politics, this is the best career choice;
  • the possibility to travel a lot: the chief of staff follows the political personality in his travels, it gives you the opportunity to travel everywhere;
  • the opportunity to learn from the greats: you get to rub shoulders with the best politicians and members of the government, which is a great advantage;
  • Attractive remuneration: being an executive job, the chief of staff receives a rewarding remuneration;
  • the possibility of evolution: the perspectives of evolution make this job interesting;
  • a wide range of activities: you can work for a mayor, a minister, a secretary of state or presidents.

Chief of staff: salary and career development.

As mentioned above, the salary of a chief of staff is attractive. On average, they can earn between 3,500 and 5,000 euros gross per month. This results in an annual salary of between 42,000 and 60,000 euros. This remuneration allows him to live comfortably.

However, it should be noted that this salary varies according to the sector, the political personality and the years of experience. Salary is often set by the employer, making it impossible to accurately determine the salary of a chief of staff. If you work for a very high profile person, you can earn a lot more.

According to sources, in a ministerial office, the salary of employees is around 9,000 euros gross per month. You are entitled to other benefits such as bonuses, professional and health insurance.

In terms of career development, the Chief of Staff can progress to the position of Chief of Staff. You manage the whole cabinet and get closer to the politician by becoming his or her right-hand man. It is also possible to start as a political consultant or simply work for a more important personality.

What studies to become a chief of staff?

To become a chief of staff, you can follow the bachelor or MCs path. The renowned HEIP school offers the following courses of study:

  • International Relations and Political Science ;
  • Strategic Studies, Security & Defense Policy ;
  • International Affairs & Sustainable Development ;
  • Public Affairs & Institutional Management.
Updated 12 March 2024