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The geopolitical analyst is an interesting and generously paid job. It has become a necessity in the contemporary world. There are many opportunities to work internationally. Many students have questions about the course of study required to enter the profession. Before you get started, it is necessary to learn more about the subject. Becoming a geopolitical analyst requires several skills and specializations in various fields of study. Here is an article that allows you to learn more about the profession of geopolitical analyst.

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What is a geopolitical analyst?

The geopolitical analyst is responsible for monitoring and analyzing a geographical area. Several aspects are involved, including the political and legal situation as well as the economy. It also does a risk study.

The geopolitical analyst’s job is therefore a surveillance job. It is a function that allows you to better understand a region, a country or a nation in order to develop a strategy. Characteristics such as climate, resources, topology or demography are taken into account.

The expert researches and gathers important information about the area under study. To conduct the survey, he uses so-called quantitative methods. This can be questionnaires carried out on a well-defined target. Surveys sometimes take the form of a personal interview.

After collecting information, he processes the data by breaking it down into specific areas. The categories are: risk, defense, financial, political, social, economic and environmental.

The geopolitician interprets the results to write them up properly. The writing is done in the form of statistics, a detailed report, a bulletin or a synthesis. It is from these terms that he determines the strategies adjusted to the target.

What are the missions of a geopolitical analyst?

The main missions of a geopolitical analyst are :

  • understanding of international politics ;
  • identification and analysis of political problems to find a solution;
  • the deepening of the problems related to the world security;
  • risk prevention ;
  • the development of statistics and reports.

In order to do his job, he has to be up to date with world news. He is required to conduct investigations based on reliable sources. He is an experienced investigator. It manages economic, military and political conflicts. He is involved in risk management and forecasting. He is able to interpret scenarios and data from scientific research.

Qualities and skills needed to be a good geopolitical analyst.

A good geopolitical analyst must have skills in statistical analysis. He is comfortable with numbers and can make interpretations with ease. The job also requires knowledge of the economic and social sciences. You must understand and master international politics. To do this, you have to like to learn about the subject.

The geopolitical analyst is often required to travel abroad and speak foreign languages. A good command of written and spoken English is an asset. This facilitates exchanges and negotiations. In addition to this, speaking a second European language is highly recommended.

Beyond knowledge, qualities such as integrity and honesty are required to work in this field. You must be dynamic, have a good sense of synthesis and a good sense of dialogue. Knowledge of budget management facilitates project management. You must have a great capacity of adaptation, you are brought to change several times of environment or country.

What are the advantages of being a geopolitical analyst?

Geopolitics is a necessary science on a global scale. Being a geopolitical analyst is an opportunity to be part of great things. It is very motivating. The benefits of this job are:

  • a gain in energy: the job requires little physical effort;
  • A profession that can evolve: it is possible to evolve rapidly;
  • different career choices: training offers the chance to work in a variety of professions;
  • an opportunity to serve one’s country: it is a chance to offer the best for one’s nation;
  • a help for humanity; the person who exercises the profession helps humanity to overcome the trials of the contemporary world;
  • A generous salary: of course, the remuneration depends on the experience, but it remains profitable;
  • a valuation: as a geopolitical analyst, you are important within the company.

Geopolitical analyst: salary and career development

As in other sectors, salaryis based on years of experience. For a beginner, the remuneration is around 1 800 euros gross per month. A senior geopolitical analyst earns a base salary of 2,500 euros per month. After completing your studies, you can apply for the position of diplomat or consul. This means that you can get into higher positions with hard work.

There are multiple jobs available to you after completing the necessary training. In the program’s list of opportunities is the:

  • public Relation manager ;
  • international relations manager ;
  • international consultant ;
  • international mission manager ;
  • international relations officer ;
  • international project manager ;
  • responsible for international development.

Which studies to become a geopolitical analyst?

The work of a geopolitical analyst requires many skills and specializations. The process is often long, but beneficial. For a qualitative training, it is better to go through prestigious schools, like HEIP. Here are some examples of studies to follow to become a geopolitical analyst;

  • Bachelor in International Relations and Political Science;
  • bac+3 in Political Science ;
  • MSc in Strategic Studies, Security & Defense Policy ;
  • MSc in International Business & Diplomacy, International Affairs & Sustainable Development.
Updated 12 March 2024