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Septembre 2022
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MSc Cycle 2nd year – Political Studies

Page updated on April 22, 2022

Public Affairs & Institutional Management

Title RNCP n°36306 of level 7 “Manager of institutions and public affairs

HEIP’s public affairs management program has been developed with the objective of training high-performance executives capable of successfully managing the transformation of administrations, their international openings, the issue of territories, and all the problems that arise in state management at a time of reduced spending and the digital transformation of the historical tools of public management.

The second year of the MSc program allows students to specialize in a particular field of activity. The programs are led by experts in their field with highly developed professional networks. The program is done in alternating years.

The vast majority of our teachers and lecturers in the second year are senior civil servants, academics, private sector executives or general officers who have completed their active period. They are all very involved in the professional integration of our students.

Beware! The international admission procedure only concerns you if you are not a French citizen and you live outside of France.


Second year

The courses are given in French.

Applications for the second year of the MSc program are open to holders of or in the process of obtaining a BAC+4 (240 ECTS) or an equivalent foreign degree.

Blocks of skills prepared :

  • Define and manage projects and programs of public and territorial institutions
  • Manage human resources and develop skills within a department
  • Managing public budgets and finances
  • Manage the communication of a public institution
  • Evaluate and monitor public policies and projects

The certification is issued by capitalization of the totality of the blocks of competences.

Recognition of the diploma

HEIP delivers a level 7 state certification in 12 months for its “Management of Institutions and Public Affairs” program.

Title RNCP n°36306 Level 7 “Manager of Institutions and Public Affairs

NSF codes 300, 128 and 310; Registration of the title by France Compétences, published in the Official Journal on 25/03/2022 for a period of 3 years.

>> France Compétences sheet

Pré requis

Within the framework of initial training and in order to enter the system, the candidate must justify a title or a certification of level 6 (or equivalent 240 ECTS) validated in the fields:

  • International relations;
  • Political Science of Public Administration;
  • International law ;
  • Public Law;
  • Political and geopolitical sciences;
  • And the economy.

Méthodes mobilisées

Individual and group case studies, professional situations, written file with oral defense.

The certification is issued by capitalization of the totality of the blocks of competences.


All our speakers are lecturers or experts in their field.

Les cours ont lieu

25 rue de l’Université 69007 Lyon

Modalités et délais d’accès

If a new student: the candidate obtains the results of the competition 4 weeks after presenting his/her file to a jury

If you are a former HEIP student: the re-enrolment platform is open from May 1 to July 16, 2022


The HEIP admission process is accessible to people with physical disabilities since the competition is 100% online.

For people with invisible or mental disabilities, the admission teams may adapt the tests.

All HEIP campuses (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and London) are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Expérience professionnelle

This year of study is done in alternation.

Niveau de performance

For the MSc, the rate of integration into employment is within 6 months after graduation, i.e. 83% (year 2020).


2nd year “Management of Public Affairs & Institutions”:

70 € of file fees

8 900 € with a reservation deposit of 1 100 €.

92 € CVEC tax to be paid before the start of the school year following registration

Rates updated on April 22, 2022

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