Bachelor’s degree in International Relations & Political Science (Bordeaux)

Septembre 2022
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Bachelor in International Relations & Political Science

Page updated on April 22, 2022

HEIP’s Bachelor’s degree program provides students with a solid academic background in international relations, political science, law, economics, geopolitics and geoeconomics.

This cycle of initial studies allows Bordeaux students to consolidate fundamental subjects and knowledge in the first year.

During the three years of the Bachelor’s program, it is compulsory to study three modern languages, among nine offered (depending on the campus): German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Arabic, Japanese, French sign language in addition to English.

Each semester, in addition to lectures, seminars and tutorials, in French and English, students are accompanied in :

  • Their preparation for the professional world and the search for an internship
  • In the realization of individual or collective projects
  • In the organization of a series of conferences around public figures.

In the first year of the Bachelor’s program, internships are strongly recommended.

The Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Science is awarded after three years of study and enables its holders to become operational managers in public and private international organizations.
Courses in international relations are designed to give students an understanding of the political, economic, and societal issues involved in interactions between different countries and regions of the world.

Beware! The international admission procedure only concerns you if you are not a French citizen and you live outside of France.


First year

The courses are given in French.

Applications for a Bachelor’s degree are open to those who hold or are in the process of obtaining a Baccalaureate or equivalent foreign diploma.

Objective: The first year of the Bachelor program allows students to discover and understand the different components of the legal, economic and geopolitical environment and to acquire tools and methods of analysis and argumentation.
The first year is devoted to the acquisition of the methodological bases and fundamental knowledge specific to each of the major disciplines.

Major course topics:

  • International relations since 1945
  • Economy and society (19th – 20th centuries)
  • French politics since 1789
  • Constitutional law and political life
  • Balances and imbalances in the world
  • Major geostrategic issues
  • Principles of law and justice
  • History of the State
  • Great economic doctrines
  • Social Sciences
  • Culture and methodology
  • Modern diplomacy & international affairs
  • LV2 – LV3 (German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese)

Each fundamental course is associated with tutorials in small groups and specialized lectures. Students also take an annual seminar in “written methodology, rhetoric and argumentation”.

The student has the possibility of doing a summer internship or a humanitarian mission.


The Bachelor’s degree is designed for holders of a BAC with a specialization in HGGSP (History-Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science) or a post-baccalaureate degree (BAC+1 or BAC+2) in the humanities, legal, social or economic sciences. These specializations are preferred, but if you have done another specialization and have a strong background in political science and international relations, you can apply for the Bachelor’s degree.

Applications for a Bachelor’s degree are open to those who hold or are in the process of obtaining a Baccalaureate or equivalent foreign diploma.

Methods used

The courses are lectures and tutorials in small groups. There is also group work and e-learning with assessments at the end of each semester.

The evaluation methods of the training are as follows: continuous assessment throughout the year and mid-term exams at the end of the semester.


All our speakers are lecturers or experts in their field.

Course location

Classes are held at Hangar 18, quai de Bacalan 33300 Bordeaux.

Terms and conditions of access

If a new student: the candidate obtains the results of the competition 4 weeks after presenting his/her file to a jury

If you are a former HEIP student: the re-enrollment platform is open from May 1 to July 16, 2022.


The HEIP admission process is accessible to people with physical disabilities since the competition is 100% online.

For people with invisible or mental disabilities, the admission teams may adapt the tests.

All HEIP campuses (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and London) are accessible to people with reduced mobility.


Rates updated on April 22, 2022

First year Bachelor’s degree:

60 € of file fees

7 700 € with a reservation deposit of 1 100 €.

92 € CVEC tax to be paid before the start of the school year following registration

Updated 12 March 2024