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HEIP offers Bachelor’s and MSc programs in the fields of political science, international relations and political communication.

Our Bachelor

The Bachelor’s program trains students in all the major political and international disciplines necessary for a perfect understanding of the challenges of the contemporary world: international relations, political science, public and international law, political economy and social sciences, history of international relations, geopolitics.

The first two years are devoted to the acquisition of the methodological and fundamental bases specific to each of the major disciplines. The third year allows students to fully open up to the international scene by spending one or two semesters abroad and to prepare their specialization in the MSc cycle with an internship at the end of the third year.

Our MSc

The MSc program allows students to specialize in a particular field of activity and to acquire the skills necessary for a professional career. Our MSc programs are offered on a sandwich basis in the second year as well as some programs in the first year. Internships and work-study programs allow our students to acquire important professional experience during the two years of the MSc program, facilitating their entry into companies or institutions.

Neuf spécialisations en MSc

Updated 22 July 2022